12 music QUIZ questions. You won’t answer all of them correctly

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    Which of the following is not a famous pop music “sound”?

    • the Memphis Sound
    • the Wall of Sound
    • Puget Sound
    • the Motown Sound
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    In pop music recordings, which instruments are usually recorded first?

    • bass and drums
    • bugles
    • lead guitar
    • voices and handclaps
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    In pop music, what is the term for the bass player and the drummer?

    • noise unit
    • time frame
    • rhythm section
    • line
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    Who is the pop singer who started the WOMAD world music festival series?

    • Peter Gabriel
    • Paul McCartney
    • Peter Tork
    • Sting
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    What is the Latin pop music style invented in 1970s New York City?

    • jazz
    • salsa
    • mambo
    • merengue
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    Which continent’s music has had the most influence on American popular music?

    • Australia
    • Asia
    • South America
    • Africa
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    What Beatle organized the Concert for Bangladesh?

    • John Lennon
    • Paul McCartney
    • George Harrison
    • Ringo Starr
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    Who was Elton John’s chief lyricist?

    • Bernie Taupin
    • Smokey Robinson
    • Robert Hunter
    • Jimmy Webb
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    Which of these albums is not by Stevie Wonder?

    • Talking Book
    • Innervisions
    • Tommy
    • Songs in the Key of Life
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    Which of these is not an album by Bruce Springsteen?

    • Let It Be
    • Darkness on the Edge of Town
    • Greetings from Asbury Park
    • Born to Run
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    With what record label are the Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and the Temptations associated?

    • Stax
    • RCA
    • Motown
    • Decca
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    Which artist released a famous album called “Thriller”?

    • Moms Mabley
    • Michael Jackson
    • Phil Ochs
    • Stevie Wonder

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