Art quiz. Only 1 in 250 is able to answer questions 11 and 14 correctly

Art quiz



Art quiz. If you presume to be a true connoisseur of art, you will surely have no problem solving this quiz. Or are we wrong? Only with your score you’ll be able to show what you really know.

Art quiz. Only 1 in 250 is able to answer questions 11 and 14 correctly

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  • Question of

    Who painted the Three Graces artwork?

    • Rubens
    • Rembrandt
    • Caravaggio
  • Question of

    Who is the author of “Still Life with a Bull’s Skull”?

    • Salvador Dalí
    • Vincent van Gogh
    • Pablo Picasso
  • Question of

    Who made the painting “The Water Lilies”?

    • Édouard Manet
    • Claude Monet
    • Edgar Degas
  • Question of

    In what ancient civilization did the Obelisks originate?

    • Roman
    • Sumer
    • Egyptian
  • Question of

    What painting belongs to modernism?

    • The Starry Night (Van Gogh)
    • The Kiss (Klimt)
    • Olympia (Manet)
  • Question of

    Auguste Rodin was a:

    • Painter
    • Sculptor
    • Architect
  • Question of

    The famous painting “Cans of Campbell Soup” was brushed by:

    • Andy Warhol
    • Keith Haring
    • Jackson Pollock
  • Question of

    The Rodin Museum is located in:

    • Lyon
    • Florence
    • Paris
  • Question of

    How many cans of soup did Andy Warhol paint?

    • 42
    • 52
    • 32
  • Question of

    What is the name of a sculpture depicting a man on horseback?

    • Horse Sculpture
    • Equestrian sculpture
    • Sculpture of rider
  • Question of

    How many works does Goya’s mural series “Pinturas Negras” contain?

    • 24
    • 14
    • 12
  • Question of

    Adam’s creation is located at:

    • Louvre (Paris)
    • Sistine Chapel (Vatican)
    • British Museum (London)
  • Question of

    What artistic style is “La Gioconda”?

    • Baroque
    • Renaissance
    • Romanticism
  • Question of

    The Breda Surrender is also known as:

    • The Lances
    • The Truce
    • The Weapons
  • Question of

    Frida Kahlo was a native of:

    • Mexico
    • Colombia
    • Argentina
  • Question of

    Who painted “The Night Watchman” (Le gueridon)?

    • George Braque
    • Henri Matisse
    • André Derain
  • Question of

    Who’s the father of pointillism?

    • Paul Signac
    • Georges Seurat
    • Paul Cézanne
  • Question of

    Picasso’s “Guernica” represents:

    • A farm
    • A market
    • A bombardment
  • Question of

    Who’s the father of impressionism?

    • Édouard Manet
    • Claude Monet
    • Edgar Degas
  • Question of

    What was one of Van Gogh’s first works?

    • Lilies
    • The Red Vineyard
    • The Potato Eaters


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