Can you answer these geography questions every adult should know?

Geography questions every adult should know



Geography questions every adult should know. I know how important it is to know some basic geography facts. They help us understand the world we live in, but we can also use them while planning our most exciting travels. That’s why I created this quiz. Want to check how much do you really know? don’t hesitate, let’s play. Average score: 13/20.



Can you answer these geography questions every adult should know?

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    What’s the second most populated country in the world?

    • China
    • Russia
    • Brazil
    • India
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    What is the closest star to our Solar System?

    • Sirius (Canis Major constellation)
    • Polaris (Ursa Minor constellation)
    • Alfa Centauri (Centaurus constellation)
    • Vega (Lyra constellation)
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    What country is represented in these images?

    • United Kingdom
    • Germany
    • Austria
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    Which of the following planets is known as ‘Morning Star’?

    • Mercury
    • Venus
    • Mars
    • Jupiter
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    Which sovereign country lies on the border between Switzerland and Austria?

    • Liechtenstein
    • Andorra
    • San Marino
    • Luxemburg
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    Antipodes are:

    • lines joining places having a time difference of 12 hours
    • places diametrically opposite on earth’s surface
    • places located at a point where degree of latitude is equal to degree of longitude
    • lines joining places having the same depths
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    Which one of the following would have occured if the earth had NOT been inclined on its own axis?

    • All the seasons would have been of same duration
    • The seasons would not have changed
    • The summers would have been of longer duration
    • The winters would have been of longer duration
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    There’s a dish made with mashed durum wheat, very common in Northwestern African countries. How’s it called?

    • Tagine
    • Moroccan chickpea stew
    • Bulgur bowl
    • Couscous
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    The lowest capital city in the world in relation with the sea level is:

    • Baku (Azerbaijan)
    • Port Vila (Vanuatu)
    • Amsterdam (Netherlands)
    • Monrovia (Liberia)
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    Which planet in our Solar System has the largest number of satellites?

    • Saturn
    • Uranus
    • Jupiter
    • Neptune
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    The world’s largest lake is:

    • Lake Victoria
    • Lake Superior
    • Caspian Sea
    • Black Sea
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    It is a transcontinental city in Eurasia. What is the most populous city in Europe?

    • Moscow
    • Istanbul
    • Saint Petersburg
    • Bucharest
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    What city is the only one in the world connecting two continents?

    • Baku
    • Port Said
    • Istanbul
    • Djibouti
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    There are only two planets in our Solar System that rotate clockwise. Which ones?

    • Venus and Uranus
    • Mercury and Mars
    • Earth and Saturn
    • Jupiter and Neptune
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    Which of these world famous churches is still incomplete?

    • Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow
    • La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona (Spain)
    • Saint Paul’s Cathedral, London
    • Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City
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    It is an artificial 82 km (51 mi) waterway that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean.

    • Suez Canal
    • Panama Canal
    • Bering Sea
    • Gulf of Alaska
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    What is the alternative name for the Sea of Cortez?

    • Gulf of Mexico
    • Gulf of Panama
    • Gulf of California
    • Caribbean Sea
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    How many kilometres are represented by 1° of latitude?

    • 321 km
    • 211 km
    • 111 km
    • 91 km
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    The Milky way extends through a distance:

    • 1 light year
    • 8 light years
    • 105 light years
    • 1010 light years
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    Where is the Brandenburg Gate located?

    • Bremerhaven
    • Bremen
    • Bonn
    • Berlin


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