Can you name at least 8 of these fruits? We’re sure you won’t get more than 12/15

Can you name at least 8 of these fruits?

Can you name at least 8 of these fruits? The fruits that we consume on a daily basis have scientific names very difficult to memorize. Do you think you can guess the names of the fruits we’ll show you?

Can you name at least 8 of these fruits? We’re sure you won’t get more than 10/15

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    • Pyrus malus
    • Prunus armeniaca
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    • Persea americana
    • Musa paradisicum
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    • Ribes nigrum
    • Vaccinium cyanococcus
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    • Daucas carota
    • Capsicum fruitscence
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    • Prunus avium
    • Capsicum annuum
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    • Capsicum annuum
    • Cocos nucifera
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    • Ribes uva-crispa
    • Hylocereus undutus
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    • Vitis vinifera
    • Ficus carica
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    Kiwi fruit

    • Psidium guava
    • Actinidia deliciosa
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    • Citrus Limonium
    • Cucumis melo
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    • Citrus latifolia
    • Artocarpus integra
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    • Citrus Limonium
    • Citrus reticulata
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    • Mangifera indica
    • Artocarpus integra
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    • Pisum sativam
    • Citrus aurantium
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    • Rubus idaeobatus
    • Ananus sativus

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