Can you score 15/15 in this general knowledge quiz? Good luck!

Can you score 15/15 in this short general knowledge quiz?

Can you score 15/15 in this general knowledge quiz? Do you know what the plural of the Marseille people is? If the answer is yes, enter now.

Can you score 15/15 in this general knowledge quiz? Good luck!

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  • Question of

    The musical group that accompanied “Juan Luis Guerra” was called:

    • 20/20
    • 2×3
    • 4.40
  • Question of

    One of these films did NOT star Sylvester Stallone:

    • Canon
    • Cobra
    • Rambo
  • Question of

    The astromobile Curiosity was sent to:

    • The Moon.
    • Mars.
    • Venus.
  • Question of

    What’s a dune?

    • A plate of Indian food.
    • A constellation.
    • A hill of quicksand.
  • Question of

    Joan of Arc was a ____ hero.

    • Spanish
    • French
    • Portuguese
  • Question of

    Where do the Bantus come from?

    • Africa
    • Australia
    • Indonesia
  • Question of

    The mouth of the Magdalena River into the sea is called Bocas de:

    • Magdalenas
    • Ceniza
    • Cigarette
  • Question of

    Which of these instruments is larger?

    • Tambourine
    • Violin
    • Double bass
  • Question of

    Dramatic art is usually symbolized by:

    • A dove.
    • Three little pigs.
    • Two masks.
  • Question of

    The Chimborazo, about which Bolivar wrote a literary piece, is:

    • A volcano.
    • A lake.
    • A river.
  • Question of

    Complete this verse from “Oropel” by Jorge Villamil: Friend, how much do you have…

    • to borrow.
    • is how much you’re worth.
    • Is how much you owe.
  • Question of

    Marseille people in the plural:

    • Marseilleans
    • Marseillaise
    • Marseillers
  • Question of

    What was the celestial body that went from planet to dwarf planet?

    • Mercury
    • Mars
    • Pluto
  • Question of

    During the American Civil War, General Robert Lee fought with:

    • The Confederates.
    • The Union.
    • The British troops.
  • Question of

    Who was the author of “La vida de Lazarillo de Tormes y sus fortunas y adversidades”?

    • It’s anonymous.
    • Luis de Góngora.
    • Gonzalo de Céspedes.

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