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    How many states are in the United States?

    • 50
    • 51
    • 52
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    What is the highest summit in the world?

    • Mount Everest
    • Angel Falls
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    Do you know where the Saint-Moritz ski station is?

    • England
    • U.S.
    • France
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    Shanghai is the most populated city in the world, according to 2018 statistics

    • True
    • False
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    Which group of rivers is the longest on the planet?

    • Orinoco River and Mississippi River
    • Amazon River and Rio de la Plata
    • Nile River and Amazon River
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    Select the ocean where the Bermundas Triangle is located

    • Pacific Ocean
    • Atlantic Ocean
    • Indian Ocean
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    What country does not border with France?

    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Germany
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    The city of Versailles is located in:

    • Austria
    • Germany
    • France
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    India is the most populous country in the world.

    • True
    • False
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    What is the name of the supercontinent from which today’s continents derived?

    • Panea
    • Pangea
    • Pangia
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    Which country has less population?

    • Monaco
    • Uruguay
    • Vatican
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    What is the capital of Armenia?

    • Dhaka
    • Gaborone
    • Yerevan
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    Which lake is the saltiest in the world?

    • Vanda
    • Don Juan
    • Assal
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    Which of these countries has no exit to the sea?

    • Sweden
    • Egypt
    • Nepal
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    On what continent is Victoria Falls?

    • Africa
    • America
    • Europe

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