Do you consider yourself a real Astronomy nerd? Well, don’t be so sure about it

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Astronomy. Maybe you know more about stars and planets than you think. Would you take the bet? Let’s find out how much do you know about Astronomy.

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Do you consider yourself a real Astronomy nerd? Well, don’t be so sure about it

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    This is rated as an easy one… How are small objects falling from outer space that survive entry in Earth’s atmosphere called?

    • Asteroids
    • Meteorites
    • Interplanetary dust
    • Dark matter
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    What is the definition of a constellation?

    • A radiation coming from a nebulae where stars are born.
    • A group of stars that appear located close together in the sky and make an imaginary figure.
    • A cluster of galaxies that seem connected one to another in outer space.
    • The way planets get arranged in space in a particular time of terrestrial year.
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    A space ring around stars could allow life due to its ideal temperature and radiation conditions, should a planet be rotating in it. How do astronomers call it?

    • Protective rings
    • Asteroid belts
    • Habitable zones
    • Oort Cloud
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    What is the definition of a nebula?

    • Ice particles rings that form around planets like Saturn.
    • A visible gas tail in comets provoked by the Sun’s heat.
    • A big bright cluster of dwarf stars.
    • An interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen and other ionized gases.
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    Now some history… Which was the first space probe launched from Earth to reach Jupiter?

    • Pionneer 10, 1973
    • Venera 9, 1975
    • Ulysses, 1994
    • Vega 1, 1985
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    How fast does light travel in one second?

    • 209,792 k/s
    • 158,660 k/s
    • 364,980 k/s
    • 299.792 k/s
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    What is the closest star to our Solar System?

    • Sirius (Canis Major constellation)
    • Polaris (Ursa Minor constellation)
    • Alfa Centauri (Centaurus constellation)
    • Vega (Lyra constellation)
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    This is the tricky one… What’s the biggest object in outer space that can be seen to the naked eye from Earth?

    • The Moon
    • Orion Nebula
    • Andromeda Galaxy
    • Halley’s Comet
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    The Moon shows always the same side to Earth because…

    • … the other side is always hidden from direct sunlight.
    • … it rotates very slowly when revolving around the Earth.
    • … the Earth revolves around the Sun in a way that doesn’t allow another position.
    • … the Earth spins very slowly when revolving around the Moon.
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    This one is harder… The Eagle Nebulae, famous for its distinctive shape, is located in which constellation?

    • Coma Berenices
    • Orion
    • Hercules
    • Serpens
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    Rigel and Betelgeuse are two giant stars located in the same constellation perfectly visible from Earth. Which one is it?

    • Cygnus
    • Perseus
    • Orion
    • Cassiopeia
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    What is the name of giant space telescope revolving around Earth that allows to observe very distant objects in the universe?

    • Cassini-Huygens
    • Hubble
    • Soyuz
    • Voyager
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    Keeping up with news… What is the name of the last space probe landed on Mars surface?

    • Curiosity
    • Mariner 9
    • InSight
    • Opportunity
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    Titania is the name of the satellite that orbits around which planet of the Solar System?

    • Jupiter
    • Mars
    • Saturn
    • Uranus
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    Which planet has the shortest day in our Solar System?

    • Mercury
    • Jupiter
    • Venus
    • Neptune


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