Do you consider yourself a true music ace? Introducing one of our meanest quizzes

true music ace

Are you a true music ace? From classical to heavy metal and anything in between, this test can rock your imagination! Media? 10/15. Good luck. Are youy prepared? Let’s find out.

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Do you consider yourself a true music ace? Introducing one of our meanest quizzes

  • Question of

    An easy one to start with… “Hammerklavier” piano sonata was composed by:

    • Johannes Brahms
    • Robert Schumann
    • Ludwig van Beethoven
    • Muzio Clementi
  • Question of

    The first known musical instrument, a bone flute dating back to 40,000 BC, was found in what modern country?

    • Germany
    • Irak
    • Bulgaria
    • Botswana
  • Question of

    According to singing voice clasiffications, which of these is not considered an alto instrument?

    • Viola
    • French horn
    • Clarinet
    • Natural horn
  • Question of

    Which 19th century acclaimed soprano was dubbed “The Swedish Nightingale”?

    • Adelina Patti
    • Jenny Lind
    • Nellie Melba
    • Alma Gluck
  • Question of

    How many symphonies appear in Mozart’s catalogue, either credited to him or spurious?

    • 29
    • 41
    • 35
    • 52
  • Question of

    Which of Mahler’s symphonies was nicknamed “The Tragic”?

    • Number 2
    • Number 5
    • Number 9
    • Number 6
  • Question of

    Which of these composers is associated with the palace of Versailles and King Louis XIV?

    • Jean-Baptiste Lully
    • Étienne Méhul
    • Luigi Cherubini
    • Louis Couperin
  • Question of

    This might be difficult… Which of these works was not written by British composer Benjamin Britten?

    • Billy Budd (opera)
    • Peter Grimes (opera)
    • The Rake’s Progress (opera)
    • War Requiem
  • Question of

    The world’s most expensive musical instrument was a Stradivarius violin sold in 2011 at what price?

    • $1.1 million
    • $15.9 million
    • $79.6 thousand
    • $2.3 thousand
  • Question of

    Benjamin Franklin invented a musical instrument that became so popular in Europe that Mozart and Beethoven composed music for it. Which one?

    • A glass harmonica
    • A bentside spinet
    • A pochette
    • A galoubet
  • Question of

    A rare ability in people is to have the “perfect pitch”, or the capacity to identify a single resonating note with no other reference note. How many have it?

    • 5 in every 1 thousand people
    • 10 in every 10 thousand people
    • 1 in every 10 thousand people
    • 10 in every 1 thousand people
  • Question of

    Which country is known for having the highest per capita rate of heavy metal bands in the world?

    • Russia
    • United States
    • Finland
    • Germany
  • Question of

    About 5 percent of people have a condition in which they experiment a biological disdain for music. What’s its name?

    • Auditory processing disorder
    • Musical anhedonia
    • Absolute ear syndrome
    • Musical hallucinations
  • Question of

    Where’s the only man-made “sea organ” that plays music while waves crash in and out of it?

    • France
    • Greece
    • Israel
    • Croatia
  • Question of

    A difficult one to finish… Pianos are musical instruments that can reach how many assembled individual parts?

    • 12.000
    • 360
    • 18.400
    • 780


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