Do you know Greek mythology perfectly? Getting more than 9/15 in this challenge is a real achievement

Do you know Greek mythology perfectly?



Do you know Greek mythology perfectly? There is no doubt that Greek mythology is fascinating. For that reason, it seems that we cannot contain ourselves to make challenges of this style.

On this occasion, we present 15 questions of which only 1 in 100 people answer without making any mistakes. Despite being such a popular topic, the average score is… Very disappointing.

Do you know Greek mythology perfectly? Getting more than 9/15 in this challenge is a real achievement

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  • Question /

    Who is the youngest of Cronus and Rhea’s descendants?

    • Zeus
    • Hades
    • Poseidon
  • Question /

    Which of these animals was not sacrificed to the goddess Hera?

    • Cow
    • Eagle
    • Peacock
  • Question /

    Poseidon is not only the god of the seas, he is also the god of the:

    • Tsunamis
    • Tidal waves
    • Earthquakes
  • Question /

    The Titan Rea was strongly associated with:

    • The goddess Phrygia Cibeles
    • Japanese goddess Ama no Uzume
  • Question /

    Who were the Dioscuros?

    • The gods of revenge
    • Two famous twin heroes
  • Question /

    What is the name of the daughter of Demeter and Poseidon?

    • Despena
    • Persephone
  • Question /

    What animal ends the life of Adonis?

    • A lion
    • A bull
    • A boar
  • Question /

    Who does Athena compete against to be the protective deity of Athens?

    • Ares
    • Apollo
    • Poseidon
  • Question /

    Abdero was a divine hero, son of Hermes, who died during one of the twelve works of Heracles. On which of them perished?

    • Fifth
    • Eighth
    • Tenth
  • Question /

    According to the Homeric hymns, which goddess mansion was located in the highest part of Olympus?

    • Hera
    • Hestia
    • Demeter
  • Question /

    What animal was Calisto transformed into?

    • A bear
    • A wolf
  • Question /

    What generation does Ares belong to?

    • Third
    • First
    • Second
  • Question /

    The deer and the cypress were consecrated to the goddess:

    • Athena
    • Aphrodite
    • Artemisa
  • Question /

    Eros is often represented carrying:

    • A trident
    • An olive plant
    • A lyre or a bow and an arrow
  • Question /

    Asclepius is the god of:

    • Trade and rhetoric
    • Medicine and healing
    • Steppes, shepherds and flocks


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