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Everyone knows guitar and drums. But perhaps you don’t know some very basic things about musical instruments

Perhaps you do know a little about music instruments besides what infants know. There is a way to find out: Take this quiz.

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    What material was originally used to make violin strings?

    • rubber
    • tree roots
    • animal intestines
    • earthworms
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    What style of music used bottles and eating utensils in guitar playing?

    • classical
    • rock
    • blues
    • polka
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    What is the literal translation of ukulele, a traditional Hawaiian instrument?

    • fly swatter
    • little guitar
    • dull ax
    • jumping flea
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    What is another word for panpipes?

    • syrup
    • syringe
    • syrinx
    • cirrus
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    Which of these is not a percussion instrument?

    • tom-tom
    • snare drum
    • crash cymbal
    • flute
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    How many strings does a violin have?

    • 6
    • 3
    • 12
    • 4
    • 4
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    Which of the following is not a keyboard instrument?

    • piano
    • pipe organ
    • harpsichord
    • xylophone
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    What is the higher-pitched version of a flute called?

    • ocarina
    • piccolo
    • kazoo
    • concertina
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    What provides the sound in a carillon?

    • drum
    • reed
    • pipe
    • bell
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    What are two of the oldest instruments?

    • organ and harp
    • bugle and guitar
    • drum and flute
    • trumpet and piano
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    Which of these is not a percussion instrument?

    • drum
    • shaker
    • cymbal
    • bugle
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    What is a tabla?

    • a hand drum
    • a horn played with the nose
    • a flat note
    • a musical table
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    Why was the electric guitar invented?

    • Volume
    • weight
    • portability
    • appearance
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    What is the name of a Russian stringed folk instrument with a triangular body that was featured in the film “Dr Zhivago”?

    • cymbal
    • shaker
    • balalaika
    • bugle
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    In 1856 a double-reed instrument was patented by Pierre-Louis Gautrot. This instrument was named for a French bandleader. It became popular in 19th century France, replacing the less powerful oboes and bassoons in outdoor band music. Name this instrument.

    • Sordun
    • Shawm
    • Sousaphone
    • Sarrusophone

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