Have you watched the animated movie Coco? How well do you remember it?

Have you watched the animated movie Coco? How well do you remember it?

Have you watched the animated movie Coco? If you know in which Mexican tradition the animated film Coco is inspired, you already made a point. You will have to ask for help from your grandson if you want to get the highest grade.  

Have you watched the animated movie Coco? How well do you remember it?

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  • Question of

    Coco, the animated film, is inspired by what Mexican tradition?

    • Day of the Dead
    • Souls Day
    • Mood Day
  • Question of

    In the small town of Santa Cecilia lives ___, a 12-year-old boy who dreams of being a musician.

    • Diego Rivera
    • Miguel Rivera
    • Pablo Rivera
  • Question of

    How did Ernesto de la Cruz, idol of little Miguel Rivera, die?

    • Shot to the heart.
    • Hit by a car.
    • Crushed by a bell.
  • Question of

    Why can’t mom Imelda (Miguel’s great great grandmother) cross the bridge from the land of the dead?

    • Because she already died.
    • Because Miguel accidentally breaks her portrait.
    • Because nobody remembers her in the land of the living.
  • Question of

    What is the name of the dog that accompanies Miguel during his journey in the land of the dead?

    • Flea
    • Dante
    • Chandoso
  • Question of

    How can Miguel be sent back to his dimension in Santa Cecilia?

    • With the blessing of a relative holding a petal of the dead flower.
    • Complying with two penances.
    • Won the talent show.
  • Question of

    Select the name with which the flower of the dead is known.

    • Xoloitzcuintle
    • Beyond
    • Cempásuchil
  • Question of

    What was the name of Héctor’s friend (in the world of the dead) who gives Miguel his guitar to participate in the contest?

    • Chicharron
    • Raphael
    • Cease
  • Question of

    Miguel realizes that Héctor is the father of:

    • His Great Grandmother Mama Coco
    • His mother Lolita
    • His grandmother Julia
  • Question of

    Select the name of Mama Coco’s favorite song.

    • La Llorona
    • Juanita
    • Remember me

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