It’s a shame not to know how to answer these 15 questions. Only 1 in 214 people make no mistake

how to answer these 15 questions

It’s a shame not to know how to answer these 15 questions. Who wrote Gulliver’s Travels? Easy! Right? Well, take advantage of this point because the other questions aren’t easy at all. Good luck!

It’s a shame not to know how to answer these 15 questions. Only 1 in 214 people make no mistake

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  • Question of

    Select the antonym of disrespect…

    • Indolence
    • Dexterity
    • Courtesy
  • Question of

    Who wrote “Gulliver’s Travels”?

    • Jonathan Swift
    • Herman Melville
    • Antoine de Saint
  • Question of

    In which ocean are the “Marshall Islands” located?

    • Arctic
    • Pacific
    • Indian
  • Question of

    Who founded the Academy (387 BC) school of philosophy?

    • Aristotle
    • Seneca
    • Plato
  • Question of

    Basalt is a ____ rock.

    • Granitic
    • Sedimentary
    • Volcanic igneous
  • Question of

    Which of the following planets does NOT have a ring?

    • Mercury
    • Jupiter
    • Uranus
  • Question of

    Which of the following rivers is NOT in Asia?

    • Zambezi
    • Obi
    • Amur
  • Question of

    In the year 1975, Angola achieved its independence from…

    • Spain
    • France
    • Portugal
  • Question of

    How many sides and vertices does a pentadecagon have?

    • 50
    • 25
    • 15
  • Question of

    A synonym for “hooking up” is:

    • Linking
    • Separate
    • Send
  • Question of

    The Roman number CMXLIX corresponds to the Arabic number…

    • 949
    • 1615
    • 1569
  • Question of

    What year did World War I start?

    • 1910
    • 1914
    • 1918
  • Question of

    Who discovered Machu Picchu?

    • Hiram Bingham
    • Maria Reiche
    • Crisostomo Nieto
  • Question of

    On what date was Mexico’s independence proclaimed?

    • September 15, 1809
    • 16 November 1810
    • September 16, 1810
  • Question of

    Select the 42nd President of the United States

    • Bill Clinton
    • Barack Obama
    • George Bush

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