Ok, geography daredevils, check out this quiz. Only 30% get more than 10/15

geography quiz
geography quiz (pixabay.com)

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

Quiz time: How good is your geography knowledge. “What city is the only one in the world connecting two continents?” – it’s one of the easiest questions in this quiz. Do you know the answer?

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Ok, geography daredevils, check out this quiz. Only 30% get 10/15

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  • Something to ponder about…There’s only one sea on Earth that has no coastline at all. Which one is it?

    • Dead Sea
    • Yellow Sea
    • Sargasso Sea
    • Caribbean Sea
  • World’s highest uninterrupted waterfall is called “Angel Falls”. In which country are they located?

    • Norway
    • China
    • British Guiana
    • Venezuela
  • Travelers will know this one… What Spanish island is known as “The Island of the Eternal Spring”?

    • Madeira
    • Mayorca
    • Tenerife
    • Ibiza
  • No map checking, please… Which two countries are separated by the Red Sea?

    • Saudi Arabia and Iran
    • Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan
    • Egypt and Saudi Arabia
    • Turkey and Egypt
  • What city is the only one in the world connecting two continents?

    • Baku
    • Port Said
    • Istanbul
    • Djibouti
  • Which is the tallest mountain in continental U.S.?

    • Mount McKinley
    • Mount Elbert
    • Mount Whitney
    • Mount Harvard
  • Sierra Maestra is a mountain range located in which country?

    • Colombia
    • Mexico
    • Cuba
    • Costa Rica
  • History to remember… What island the Caribbean had to be evacuated after the Soufrière Hills volcano erupted?

    • Guadeloupe
    • Saint Kitts & Nevis
    • Anguilla
    • Montserrat
  • A difficult one perhaps… Where exactly is the Stromboli volcano located in Italy?

    • Tyrrhenian Sea
    • Naples
    • Sardinia
    • Sicily
  • The Krakatoa volcano, with the most violent eruption recorded in modern era, is located in which country?

    • Japan
    • The Philippines
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Indonesia
  • After going through Europe, where does the Danube River empty?

    • The Mediterranean Sea
    • The Black Sea
    • Lake Constance
    • Sea of Marmara
  • What’s the name of the river that goes through Chile’s capital Santiago?

    • Guayas River
    • Mapocho River
    • La Plata River
    • Chacabuco River
  • What is the tallest mountain in the Andes?

    • Huascarán (Peru)
    • Aconcagua (Argentina)
    • Illimani (Bolivia)
    • Ausangate (Peru)
  • Why are winters in the British Isles milder than in continental Europe?

    • Because mountains are considerable lower than continental Europe.
    • Because of the Sargasso Sea.
    • Because of the Gulf Stream.
    • Because anti-cyclones get blocked during January-February.
  • What is the largest desert on Earth?

    • The Antarctic Polar Desert
    • The Atacama Desert
    • The Sahara Desert
    • The Gobi Desert

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

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