Only real nerds can solve this test, although we must admit it’s pretty easy

Only real nerds can solve this test


Only real nerds can solve this test. What’s the name of the part of the guitar used to tune it? Can you handle this question? It’s apparently pretty easy. Although the other questions are just as trivial, most fail on at least three of them.

Only real nerds can solve this test, although we must admit it’s pretty easy

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  • Question of

    According to the pH scale, 3.5 is:

    • Acid
    • Alkaline
    • Neutral
  • Question of

    Coca-Cola was created by:

    • Dr. Henry Biedenharn.
    • Greg Isaac.
    • John Pemberton.
  • Question of

    Which of these shows a marked increase during leukemia?

    • Platelets
    • Plasma
    • White blood cells
  • Question of

    Which cells are responsible for causing “cellulite”?

    • Osteocytes
    • Adipocytes
    • Glials
  • Question of

    Which goddess is Zeus’ wife?

    • Aphrodite
    • Hera
    • Athena
  • Question of

    What is “selenophobia”?

    • Fear of cats.
    • Fear of the dark.
    • Fear of the moon.
  • Question of

    Pain in the lower right quadrant of the abdomen, what could that indicate?

    • Gastroenteritis
    • Appendicitis
    • Cystitis
  • Question of

    What Egyptian princess killed herself by getting bitten by an asp?

    • Cleopatra
    • Nefertiti
    • Isis
  • Question of

    What was known as a “toupee” in the last century?

    • A hairstyle.
    • A typical meal.
    • A card game.
  • Question of

    The famous English writer, William Shakespeare, what year did he die?

    • 1613
    • 1616
    • 1597
  • Question of

    What is the name of the part of the guitar used to tune it?

    • Peg
    • Fret
    • Neck
  • Question of

    On the banks of which river Romulus and Remus founded Rome?

    • River Tigris.
    • River Euphrates.
    • River Tiber.
  • Question of

    Where are the islands of Mykonos and Rhodes?

    • Italy
    • Turkey
    • Greece
  • Question of

    How does a diesel engine work?

    • Partition
    • Compression
    • Translation
  • Question of

    What was named after Amerigo Vespucci?

    • A boat.
    • A plane.
    • A continent.


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