Only the smartest pass this Universal History quiz. Are you brave enough for the challenge?

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a d v e r t i s e m e n t

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

Universal History quiz. If you were good at history in school you can test yourself again. Average score is 9/15, but you could be above them all. Question N° 8 can be tricky.



Only the smartest pass this Universal History quiz. Are you brave enough for the challenge?

  • What Western country was the first to replace royal rule for institutions based on popular sovereignty in history?

    • Germany
    • United States
    • France
    • Switzerland
  • What group of nations comprise today the area known as the “Fertile Crescent”, where the first civilizations flourished?

    • Portugal, Spain, France
    • Iraq, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt
    • Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru
    • Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia
  • Who was ruling Great Britain when United States declared its independence (1776)?

    • George I
    • George II
    • George III
    • George IV
  • When did Catholicism start to replace old Celtic polytheism in Ireland:

    • 2th century AD
    • 4th century AD
    • 7th century AD
    • 9th century AD
  • What was the name of the prison where queen Marie Antoinette spent her final days before her execution?

    • The Conciergerie
    • The Bastille
    • La Santé
    • The Tower of London
  • According to legend, brothers Romulus and Remus are linked to the founding of which city?

    • Athens
    • Naples
    • Paris
    • Rome
  • What year did take place Christopher Columbus’s first voyage to the New World?

    • 1490
    • 1492
    • 1496
    • 1498
  • Who was the first European explorer to round the Cape Horn in South America?

    • Bartolomeu Dias (Portugal)
    • Giovanni da Verrazzano (Italy)
    • Willem Schouten (Netherlands)
    • Ferdinand Magellan (Portugal)
  • What year did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?

    • 1942
    • 1945
    • 1944
    • 1941
  • Which of these countries was not involved in World War I (1914-1918)?

    • France
    • Russia
    • Spain
    • Italy
  • In 1806 Great Britain started a series of unsuccessful invasions against a South American country. Which one?

    • Brazil
    • Guyana
    • Chile
    • Argentina
  • In what year did India win its independence from the British Empire?

    • 1949
    • 1942
    • 1947
    • 1950
  • Which of these superpowers could be considered ancient Greece’s archenemy until 449 BC?

    • Persia
    • Rome
    • Carthage
    • Egypt
  • The Hanging Gardens, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, were in:

    • Nineveh
    • Edessa
    • Babylon
    • Alexandria
  • Suez Canal, whose construction began in 1859 in Egypt, used forced labor during the first years.

    • True
    • False


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