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    Some history to regard… Heliocentric Theory demonstrated finally that the Earth and planets revolved around the Sun indeed. Who was its author?

    • Johannes Kepler (Germany)
    • Nicolaus Copernicus (Poland)
    • Galideo Galilei (Italy)
    • Tycho Brahe (Denmark)
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    A question for stargazers… Deneb, one of the brightest stars in the sky, shines in what constellation?

    • Centaurus (the Centaur)
    • Boötes (the Plowman)
    • Leo (the Lion)
    • Cygnus (the Swan)
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    Comet Halley makes itself visible every:

    • 26 years
    • 75 years
    • 110 years
    • 58 years
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    This is an easy one… What’s the name of the galaxy where our Solar System is located?

    • Milky Way
    • Great Magellan Cloud
    • Andromeda
    • Sombrero
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    Which one of these nebulae is a dark one?

    • Lagoon
    • Orion
    • Horsehead
    • Crab
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    What’s the distance of Andromeda Galaxy from our Solar System?

    • 1 million light-years
    • 2,5 million light-years
    • 150 thousand light-years
    • 200 thousand light-years
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    Who was the discoverer of Lagoon Nebula in Sagitarius constellation?

    • William Herschel, 1774
    • Guillaume le Gentil, 1747
    • Pierre-Simon Laplace, 1813
    • Edwin Hubble, 1929
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    What type of star is the Sun:

    • A red giant star
    • A blue giant star
    • A yellow dwarf star
    • A white dwarf star
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    A harder question… In the Doppler Shift scale, if light captured from a moving stellar object tends to red shade in color range, it means that…

    • … the object always keeps the same distance to us.
    • … the object is getting closer to us.
    • … the objetc is revolving around us.
    • … the object is getting away from us.
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    Which among these is the biggest star discovered so far in the Universe?

    • VY Canis Majoris
    • Mu Cephei
    • S Persei
    • NML Cygni
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    What is the man-made object that has traveled farthest from Earth?

    • Voyager 1
    • Cassini-Huygens
    • Pionneer 10
    • Juno
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    The unit of length used to measure huge distances in the Universe is the parsec. How many light-years does it have?

    • 10.2 light-years
    • 5.6 light-years
    • 3.26 light-years
    • 4.5 light-years
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    For general knowledge… Who was the fist human to travel into space?

    • Neil Armstrong
    • Valentina Tereshkova
    • John Glenn
    • Yuri Gagarin
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    What is the name for stars that experiment a gravitational collapse to suddenly increase greatly in brightness?

    • Binary
    • Cepheid
    • Supernova
    • Pulsating
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    More history to finish… What was the name of first man-made satellite launched in history?

    • Sputnik 1
    • Aryabhata
    • Explorer 1
    • Vanguard 1

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