Show you can win all the points in a dessert and candy quiz

Show you can win all the points in a dessert and candy quiz



Show you can win all the points in a dessert and candy quiz. The kitchen has no secrets from you? Do you have any idea what the ingredients are for marzipan? What is prinsesstårta? Or where is the chajá a typical sweet from? If the answer is yes, that’s surprising! The kitchen definitely has no secrets from you.

Show you can win all the points in a dessert and candy quiz

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    The main ingredients of marzipan are:

    • Almonds, sugar and eggs.
    • Milk cream, sugar and gelling agents.
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    Semla is a traditional Northern European cake associated with:

    • Palm Sunday.
    • The first day of Lent.
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    What is prinsesstårta?

    • A thick, sticky Swedish chocolate cake that looks like an American brownie.
    • A Swedish cake consisting of layers of sponge cake, thick pastry cream and jam, covered with marzipan.
  • Question of

    Babka or baba is a sweet cake made with yeast. Their names babka or baba mean:

    • Volcano
    • Grandmother
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    The chajá is a typical dessert of the gastronomy of:

    • Chile
    • Peru
    • Uruguay
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    What traditional Italian dessert consists of a cream made with egg yolk, sugar and wine?

    • Praline
    • Zabaione
    • Panna cotta
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    What is the wench kiss?

    • A kind of chocolate candy.
    • A round doughnut that is first fried and then filled with jam or cream.
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    Rolled cake with poppy seed filling typical of Polish and Hungarian Christmas cuisine:

    • Pączek
    • Mazurek
    • Makowiec
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    Runeberg’s cake is typical of:

    • Finland
    • Denmark
    • United Kingdom
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    What are Almazán’s patience?

    • A round, thin, dry-interior cookie.
    • A candy made with a toasted almond covered with caramelized sugar.


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