The following questions are going to challenge your movies knowledge. Can you guess number 8?

Movies knowledge


Movies knowledge quiz. This is the perfect quiz for a Sunday, one of the best days to watch movies. Just kidding, everyday is good to do that. Let’s see if you are a true cinema enthusiast.

The following questions are going to challenge your movies knowledge. Can you guess number 8?

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  • Question of

    When was Toy Story first released?

    • 1995
    • 1999
    • 1993
    • 1998
  • Question of

    What was written under Woody’s boot?

    • Woody
    • Property of Andy
    • Andy
    • Happy Birthday
  • Question of

    Which of the following Toy Story characters said “You’ve said our lives, we are eternally grateful” ?

    • The sheep
    • Buzz
    • The aliens
    • Mr. Potato Head
  • Question of

    Which glass slipper did Cinderella leave behind at the ball?

    • Left
    • Right
    • None of them
    • Both of them
  • Question of

    What is the name of Maleficent’s pet in “Sleeping Beauty”?

    • Cornellius
    • Zion
    • Diablo
    • Rave
  • Question of

    Where does Scar have his face signature scar?

    • Left side
    • Right side
    • On his forehead
    • Below his jaw
  • Question of

    Who starred the movie Forrest Gump?

    • Tom Hanks
    • Morgan Freeman
    • Brad Pitt
    • Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Question of

    What is Forrest Gump’s most famous quote?

    • A man has to do what a man has to do
    • With great power comes great responsibility
    • My mama always said “Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get”
    • My mama always said “You have to eat your vegetables”
  • Question of

    What was the name of the main character on the movie “Gran Torino”?

    • Bee Vang
    • Christopher Wallace
    • Bob Thompson
    • Walt Kowalski
  • Question of

    In which neighborhood does the movie “Gran Torino” take place?

    • Highland Park, Detroit
    • Gainesville, Florida
    • Denver, Colorado
    • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Question of

    What is the shape of Captain America’s shield in the movie “Avengers”?

    • Squared
    • Rounded
    • A triangle
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is the name of Avenger’s Hawkeye?

    • Clint Barton
    • Robert Redman
    • Arthur Cleveland
    • John Mayers
  • Question of

    In James Cameron’s movie “Avatar”, what planet is the home place of the Na’vi species?

    • Asaroth
    • Starling
    • Cryfix
    • Pandora
  • Question of

    Which of the following actors DID NOT appear on the movie “Four brothers” ?

    • Mark Wahlberg
    • Tyrese Gibson
    • Garrett Hedlund
    • Sally Field
  • Question of

    The following actors have earned an Academy Award EXCEPT

    • Denzel Washington
    • Marlon Brando
    • Jack Nicholson
    • Harrison Ford


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