This quiz is loaded with mind-blowing facts from around the world. They’ll surprise you. Your (bad!) score too

This quiz is loaded with mind

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

This quiz is loaded with mind-blowing facts. Example? What country has got (a lot!) more pyramids than Egypt? Try this super quiz to test how much do you know about the planet. Average score: 9/15.

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This quiz is loaded with mind-blowing facts from around the world. They’ll surprise you. Your (bad!) score too

  • Which country is called the “Rainbow Nation” because it has no less than eleven official languages?

    • Bolivia
    • Switzerland
    • India
    • South Africa
  • What is the only place in United States where coffee is grown and commercialized?

    • Florida
    • Hawaii
    • Louisiana
    • Mississippi
  • 90% of the world’s fresh water is found in what region?

    • Siberia
    • Amazon
    • Antarctica
    • Great Lakes region
  • What country in Europe forbids late-night trips to the bathroom and flushing the toilet after 10 pm to prevent “noise polution”?

    • North Korea
    • Sweden
    • Germany
    • Switzerland
  • A national dish called “haggis” consists of sheep’s pluck like liver, heart, lungs and suet, boiled in an animal’s stomach and seasoned with spices, onions, oatmeal and salt. From where?

    • Morocco
    • Scotland
    • Kazakhstan
    • Iceland
  • A video game like PlayStation is still illegal in what country?

    • China
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Malaysia
    • Belarus
  • What’s the name of the ocean surrounding Antarctica?

    • Pacific Ocean
    • Atlantic Ocean
    • Southern Ocean
    • Arctic Ocean
  • With more than 200 built, what nation has more pyramids than Egypt?

    • Mexico
    • Sudan
    • China
    • Iraq
  • Which country has the record of the most overweight population in the world?

    • Nauru
    • United States
    • Marshall Islands
    • Mexico
  • With over 50% under the age of 14, which is the nation with the most youthful population in the world?

    • South Africa
    • El Salvador
    • Niger
    • Sri Lanka
  • What country’s territory falls into the four hemyspheres and is also the first in the world to receive the New Year?

    • Kiribati
    • Fidji
    • Vanuatu
    • New Zealand
  • Which of these countries has no official military forces?

    • Vatican City
    • South Africa
    • Costa Rica
    • Zimbabwe
  • Which of these European countries has only one active volcano?

    • Germany
    • Norway
    • Finland
    • Estonia
  • Founded in 301 AD, which is the oldest surviving sovereign state in the world?

    • Liechtenstein
    • Ethiopia
    • San Marino
    • Liberia
  • Operated by the Russians, the Baikonur Cosmodrome is the first and largest space launch facility in the world. Where is it located?

    • Kazakhstan
    • Ukraine
    • Georgia
    • Azerbaijan


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If you fail this test you should go back to school

If you fail this test you should go back to school. Yes, it’s extremely easy, but the average score is… Let’s just say I’m surprised

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