You’ll be surprised to find out how little people know about famous places. Are you ready to find out if you really know Europe?

What is Netherland’s seat of government? If you know that, you already have a point. Average in this quiz? Disappointing: 8/16.

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    What is Netherland’s seat of government?

    • Rotterdam
    • Haarlem
    • The Hague
    • Amsterdam
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    Which of these is not a river in Spain?

    • the Guadalquivir
    • the Ebro
    • the Tagus
    • the Rhône
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    What ocean current accounts for western Europe’s temperate weather?

    • El Niño
    • the South Indian Current
    • the North Atlantic Rise
    • the Gulf Stream
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    Greenwich time is named for a city in which country?

    • Germany
    • England
    • France
    • Ireland
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    What European nation last colonized the Maldives?

    • Great Britain
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
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    Which of these bodies of water does not lie alongside Finland?

    • Gulf of Carpentaria
    • Gulf of Finland
    • Baltic Sea
    • Gulf of Bothnia
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    The capital of Sweden is:

    • London
    • Stockholm
    • Copenhagen
    • Helsinki
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    In what country does Real Madrid play?

    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Finland
    • Portugal
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    Which of these cities is not in Italy?

    • Palermo
    • Rome
    • Valletta
    • Siena
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    Where is the Brandenburg Gate located?

    • Berlin
    • Bremen
    • Bremerhaven
    • Bonn
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    What is the southernmost locale in Europe?

    • Sicily
    • Cyprus
    • Gavdos
    • Malta
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    What unit of currency is used in Russia?

    • franc
    • peso
    • ruble
    • dollar
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    What major world city lies in both Asia and Europe?

    • Baghdad
    • Moscow
    • Istanbul
    • Berlin
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    What Spanish city is famous for the “running of the bulls”?

    • Valencia
    • Pamplona
    • Guernica
    • Gerona
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    What two cities does the Lusitania Express join?

    • Madrid and Barcelona
    • Madrid and Segovia
    • Madrid and Lisbon
    • Madrid and Paris
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    What is Europe’s longest river?

    • the Elbe
    • the Thames
    • the Danube
    • the Volga


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