15 general knowledge quiz questions. How much do you really know?

QUIZ: 15 general knowledge quiz questions
QUIZ: 15 general knowledge quiz questions

15 general knowledge quiz questions – QUIZ. Only the truly educated person will be able to solve it without further delay. Is that you? Prove it.

The general knowledge quizzes put to the test all the knowledge that you have been able to accumulate throughout your life. They cover topics of all kinds and from different fields.

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Often you have the notion that they are one of the most difficult challenges to face and this is because you have no idea of the question that follows, falling into the amazement of how you jump from question to question with such different topics. 

15 general knowledge quiz questions

Without a doubt, general knowledge tests help measure how much information you have about the world and that’s why these challenges are par excellence. How many of them have you faced already?

Some of them may have seemed very easy or at an intermediate level, but this time we want you to face a difficult general knowledge quiz.

Difficult general knowledge quiz questions
Difficult general knowledge quiz questions

We consider it difficult because our statistics show that so far, only 1 out of 150 people have managed to obtain a perfect score. You don’t have to be afraid, there are 15 quite varied questions, but not impossible to answer or know. Some of these touch on topics of art, geography and history, nothing that an adult cannot answer. 

Although if you are a little afraid, don’t worry, you can take an easy test to gain confidence and then face this challenge, do you agree? If your answer is yes, then I will recommend this: Easy general knowledge quizzes.

If you want to continue having fun, in the menu you will find not only general culture tests, also called multitopic, but also categories in specific topics or areas in case you are a specialist or a lover of one of them.

General Knowledge TRIVIA QUIZ: 15 general knowledge quiz questions

Don’t forget to share and challenge your friends to beat your score. The healthiest way not to forget your knowledge is to face daily questionnaires that challenge your knowledge and at This Quiz we would like to accompany you.

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  • Question of

    Author of the Maja Desnuda.

    • Diego-Velasquez
    • Francisco-Goya.
  • Question of

    Edward Scissorhands was incarnated by:

    • Jim Carrey
    • Steve Martin
    • Johnny Depp
  • Question of

    Known as the Black Widow, it is a type of:

    • Yes
    • 560px-Arctosa_sp
  • Question of

    Yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, the runway of this airport intersects with a road. Do you know its name? It is unique in the world.

    • Airport of Mallorca.
    • Airport of Gibraltar.
    • Airport of Amsterdam.
  • Question of

    Spain, island, Chopin museum. Which place do we mean?

    • Fuerteventura
    • Tenerife.
    • Mallorca.
  • Question of

    Let’s go with another one of this style: Peru, the Andes, Inca. Do you know the place?

    • Tierra del Fuego
    • Machu Picchu
    • Cerro Chalten
  • Question of

    It is said to have been the bloodiest battle in history.

    • Stalingrad.
    • Waterloo.
    • Thousand acres.
  • Question of

    Which of these two great strategists took part in the famous Battle of Alesia?

    • 318px-Naples_National_Archaeological_Museum_14633815350
      Julius Caesar.
    • Dürer_karl_der_grosse-3
  • Question of

    Channy and Isselita need 13 bottles from the store. They can only take 3 in one trip. How many trips do they need at least?

    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
  • Question of

    On 11/09/2001 the Twin Towers were attacked and part of:

    • Monte-Rushmore
    • Petagono-EEUU
  • Question of

    Select the idol that died in 2003.

    • Yes
    • Michael-jackson_king
  • Question of

    The Chilean miners in 2010 before being rescued, remained within the depths of the San Jose mine, for a period of:

    • 90 days.
    • 70 days.
    • 65 days.
  • Question of

    Jupiter has more than 60 natural satellites.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Select the Aidi breed dog, native of Morocco.

    • Aidi
  • Question of

    The Assumption of the Virgin is a festivity that is celebrated by the Catholic Church every August 15th.

    • True.
    • False, this festivity does not exist.

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