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Learning through play. That’s how we can describe the purpose with which we’ve created This Quiz. You can find hundreds (or more!) of quizzes here that can help you test your knowledge and also learn something new.

Online quizzes are a great tool which can be used in home education as well as during school classes. However, quizzes are also a great deal of fun that gives you a chance to spend your spare time in a more productive way.

Geography quiz, history quiz, quiz about England, history of England, movie quiz, easy questions, difficult questions… No matter what subject you’re interested in, we’re certain you’ll find what you’re looking for on our website.

We make a great effort to create quality and well-checked knowledge quizzes. We hope we’re fulfilling this mission.

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As you know, on This Quiz we publish content from several different categories: geography, history, movies, science, general knowledge and more. Get to know our team and find who creates the quizzes.

Tamara Dominas This Quiz

Tamara Dominas

My name is Tamara. I define myself as a bookworm and that’s where I spend most of my time. I’m a chemist, with a developing passion for languages. I speak three languages and I’m already going for the fourth

Ricardo Gondelles

Ricardo Gondelles

As a writer, editor and proofreader, my passion for the written word keep me discovering new realms. Bilingual (Spanish-English), I’m a language lover who’s going through French and Italian as well

nancy silva

Nancy E. Silva

I define myself as an empathetic, creative, proactive and results-oriented person. I am passionate about professional and personal development. I really love to learn something new every day.


Alexander Morillo

I’m passionate about languages. I work with translations, real-time language interpretation and write articles. On This Quiz I publish mostly history, movie and general knowledge quizzes.

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Welcome to This Quiz, your source for the latest and most fascinating knowledge trivia quizzes! We are excited to present our newest collection of mind-boggling questions designed to challenge and entertain you.

Whether you’re a trivia enthusiast, a lifelong learner, or simply looking for a fun way to test your knowledge, our quizzes are guaranteed to pique your curiosity. From history to science, pop culture to geography, we cover a wide range of topics to cater to all interests.

Get ready to discover new facts, unlock hidden insights, and showcase your expertise. Join us on this journey of exploration and enjoy the thrill of uncovering new knowledge. Let the quizzing begin!

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