Hard geography quiz. Can you pass this trivia?

Hard geography quiz
Hard geography quiz

Hard geography quiz. What countries share a border with North Korea? Right, in this quiz some questions can be answered correctly by first graders, but almost nobody answers no. 13 correctly.

Hard geography quiz. Can you pass this trivia?

Do you think you can pass this hard geography trivia quiz? Well, there is only one way to find out. Are you ready for a challenge? Answer these 15 geography questions and share your results.

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  • Question of

    What is the river that goes through Madrid, Spain?

    • Ebro
    • Guadalquivir
    • Manzanares
    • Tagus
  • Question of

    Salar de Uyuni, said to be the world’s largest natural mirror, is a salt flat lagoon located where?

    • Bolivia
    • Chile
    • Mexico
    • Peru
  • Question of

    South Korea’s capital city is:

    • Pyongyang
    • Hanoi
    • Bangkok
    • Seul
  • Question of

    The term “monsoon”, a seasonal reversing wind that provokes heavy rains, was first used in what country?

    • Argentina
    • India
    • Namibia
    • Singapore
  • Question of

    The southernmost point in the United States belongs to what state?

    • Texas
    • Hawaii
    • Louisiana
    • Florida
  • Question of

    Cali is the capital city of what province in Colombia?

    • Boyacá
    • Chocó
    • Valle del Cauca
    • Antioquia
  • Question of

    If you were in the city of Dubrovnik, what country would you be in?

    • Bulgaria
    • Russia
    • Croatia
    • Ukraine
  • Question of

    Villarrica is a snow-covered active volcano located in which country?

    • Chile
    • Mexico
    • Ecuador
    • Guatemala
  • Question of

    With 147 sq. miles (381 sq. kilometers), which one is Ireland’s largest lake?

    • Lough Erne
    • Lough Corrib
    • Lough Derg
    • Lough Neagh
  • Question of

    What country does not share a border with North Korea?

    • South Korea
    • Japan
    • Russia
    • China
  • Question of

    Macau, an autonomous territory founded originally by the Portuguese in the 16th century, is located in what country?

    • China
    • Brazil
    • India
    • Malaysia
    • Cape Verde
  • Question of

    Which of these countries doesn’t speak a Romance language?

    • Italy
    • Montenegro
    • France
    • Romania
    • Portugal
  • Question of

    Yaoundé is the capital city of which African country?

    • Cameroon
    • Ghana
    • Senegal
    • Uganda
  • Question of

    Which state in the US has the most universities and colleges?

    • New York
    • Pennsylvania
    • California
    • Massachusetts
  • Question of

    What river valley in France is world famous due to its many castles, palaces and royal residences found there?

    • Seine
    • Garonne
    • Rhone
    • Loire

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