Does classical music give you goosebumps? Answer these 15 questions

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    How many separate wood pieces can be found in a violin?

    • 36
    • 48
    • 70
    • 62
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    Vladimir Horowitz, one of the most outstanding musicians in history, played what instrument?

    • Cello
    • Piano
    • Violin
    • Flute
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    Which of these compositions was not created by Maurice Ravel?

    • “Le Tombeau de Couperin”
    • “Pavane for a Dead Princess”
    • “Ma Mère l’Oye” (Mother Goose)
    • “Le roi malgré lui” (The Reluctant King)
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    Which composer’s symphony demanded a really huge orchestral force of 800 musicians?

    • Gustav Mahler’s N° 8 (“Of a Thousand”)
    • Krzysztof Penderecki’s N° 7 (“The Seven Gates of Jerusalem”)
    • Havergal Brian’s N° 1 (“The Gothic”)
    • Ralph Vaughan Williams’s N° 1 (“A Sea Symphony”)
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    “Nessun dorma”, one of the most famous arias sung by Luciano Pavarotti comes from what opera?

    • “Tosca”
    • “La Sonnambula”
    • “Rigoletto”
    • “Turandot”
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    The tension that the 230-odd strings can exert on a cast iron frame in a grand piano can be up to:

    • 2.5 tonnes
    • 0.1 tonnes
    • 20 tonnes
    • 0.5 tonnes
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    Which of these compositions was written by Johann Sebastian Bach?

    • Moonlight Sonata
    • The Well-Tempered Clavier
    • The Four Seasons
    • The Magic Flute
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    One of these instruments was never used by Mozart as a concert soloist. Which one?

    • Cello
    • Piano
    • Violin
    • Harp
    • Horn
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    The so-called “Cat Fugue” sonata was composed for the harpsichord by whom?

    • Georg Frideric Handel
    • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    • Domenico Scarlatti
    • Ludwig van Beethoven
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    Which of these performers didn’t play the violin but the cello?

    • Mstislav Rostropovich
    • Jascha Heifetz
    • Yehudi Menuhin
    • Anne-Sophie Mutter
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    In 2011 which symphony orchestra was in deep financial crisis and had to throw a benefit concert where over 1 million dollars were raised?

    • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
    • Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra
    • Detroit Symphony Orchestra
    • Cali Philharmonic Orchestra
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    A classical composer created a “Farewell Symphony” where musicians gradually leave the stage until only two violins are left playing. Whose work was it?

    • Mozart’s N° 39
    • Beethoven’s N° 2
    • Haydn’s N° 45
    • Schubert’s N° 2
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    What rock musician has also composed and released five classical music albums so far?

    • Brian May (Queen)
    • Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
    • Pete Townshend (The Who)
    • Neil Young (Crosby, Stills & Nash)
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    From 1966 to 1978, Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart were banned in what country?

    • Iran
    • Cuba
    • Tajikistan
    • China
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    What classical composer appeared twice on the cover of Time Magazine (1927 and 1938)?

    • Jean Sibelius
    • Arnold Schœnberg
    • Olivier Messiaen
    • Richard Strauss

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