Geography quiz questions and answers. Can you score 14/14?

QUIZ: Geography quiz questions and answers
QUIZ: Geography quiz questions and answers

Geography quiz questions and answers. Geography is easy, right? Well, you won’t be so sure when you open this quiz. You’re task is to get 14/14. You think you can do that? Ready? You’ll be surprised how little you know about different regions of the world. Let’s play!

Geography quiz questions and answers. Can you score 14/14?

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  • Question of

    High mean temperature, high relative humidity and heavy rainfall (well distributed all over the year) are the characteristic features of the:

    • monsoon region
    • mediterranean region
    • equatorial region
    • Savanna region
  • Question of

    Mild and rainy winters, warm and dry summers are the characteristic features of:

    • Monsoon Region
    • Mediterranean Region
    • Tropical Grasslands
    • Temperate Grasslands
  • Question of

    The polar regions of the earth cannot support forest growth because:

    • the rainfall is very low
    • the growing season is short in these areas
    • the ground is often frozen or snow or ice-covered
    • all the above factors
  • Question of

    Snow line is:

    • the altitude below which no snowfall occurs
    • the altitude only above which the snowfall occurs and this snow melts during summer
    • the altitude above which snow never melts
    • the altitude above which the snow melts regularly to give rise to perennial rivers
  • Question of

    Which of the following is correctly matched:

    • Selvas – Rainy tropical forests
    • Pampas – Equatorial rain forests
    • Savanna – Temperate grassland
    • Llanos – Wet and dry tropical forests
  • Question of

    Summers in Western Europe are warmer than those in Eastern Europe because of

    • the influence of the warm ocean current
    • the influence of bright sunshine
    • the lower mountains terrain
    • peninsular nature of the continent
  • Question of

    Which of the following ecosystems receives most solar energy:

    • Taiga
    • Tropical evergreen
    • Tropical deciduous
    • Tundra
  • Question of

    The mediterranean region specialises in fruit culture because:

    • hill slopes are best suited for cultivation of trees
    • hill slopes are not favourable for food grain cultivation
    • the long dry summer favour drying and packing of fruits for export
    • there is a demand of dry fruits
  • Question of

    Which one of the following regions of the world is called “the bread basket of the world”?

    • Temperate grassland
    • Tropical monsoonal region
    • Mediterranean region
    • Savana grassland
  • Question of

    The thermal equator is found:

    • at the equator
    • south of geographical equator
    • north of geographical equator
    • at the Tropic of Cancer
  • Question of

    Grasses are almost absent in:

    • tropical moist deciduous forest
    • tropical dry evergreen forest
    • tropical semi-evergreen forest
    • tropical wet-evergreen forest
  • Question of

    The role of spines in the desert plants is:

    • to protect themselves from the herbivores
    • to provide more surface for photosynthesis
    • to save the moisture from evaporation
    • none of the above
  • Question of

    Which one of the following characteristics is NOT found in the Mediterranean climate?

    • Temperatures range from 21°C in summer to 10°C or below in the winter
    • Off-shore trade winds blow in the summer
    • On-shore westerly winds blow in the winter bringing cyclonic rain
    • The annual rainfall ranges from 1500 mm to 2000 mm
  • Question of

    Which one of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth’s surface?

    • Desert Ecosystem
    • Grassland Ecosystem
    • Mountain Ecosystem
    • Marine Ecosystem

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