How much do you know about animals?

QUIZ: How much do you know about animals?
QUIZ: How much do you know about animals?

How much do you know about animals? Take our animal trivia quiz and find out. Don’t forget to share your result.

QUIZ: How much do you know about animals?

What animal is actually a relative of the rhinoceros? This test has taken many by surprise! Many fail in question no. 11, so be careful there. Do you think you can answer all the questions correctly and score 15/15? Don’t hesitate, take the quiz and find out.

The animal kingdom is a fascinating and diverse world filled with creatures of all shapes and sizes. Test your knowledge of the animal world with our quiz, “How much do you know about animals?” This quiz is designed to challenge your understanding of different animal species and their behaviors.

How well do you know animals quiz

This quiz consists of a series of random trivia questions on various animals. Some of the questions may cover the following topics:

  1. Animal habitats: Some questions may ask about the different environments animals inhabit, such as the ocean, forest, or desert.
  2. Animal characteristics: You may be asked to identify the unique characteristics of certain animals, such as the color of a flamingo’s feathers or the number of legs a spider has.
  3. Animal behavior: Questions may focus on the behavior of different animals, such as their hunting techniques, mating rituals, or migration patterns.
  4. Famous animals: You may be asked to identify famous animals from movies, TV shows, or books, such as Simba from “The Lion King” or Wilbur from “Charlotte’s Web.”

This quiz on animal kingdom is a fun and challenging way to test your knowledge of the animal world. Whether you’re an animal enthusiast or just someone who enjoys learning new things, this quiz is sure to provide you with a few surprises and a lot of fun.

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  • Question of

    Some anatomy to start with… The heart of a shrimp is located in its

    • Tail
    • Head
    • Trunk
    • Abdomen
  • Question of

    A snail can sleep for up to

    • 3 hours
    • 3 days
    • 3 months
    • 3 years
  • Question of

    How many noses do slugs have?

    • 2
    • 1
    • 4
    • None
  • Question of

    What is the only animal that can’t jump?

    • Giraffe
    • Rhinoceros
    • Elephant
    • Hippopotamus
  • Question of

    A frog cannot get hypnotized by placing it on its back and gently stroking its stomach.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    How long it takes for a sloth to digest its food?

    • 2 weeks
    • 2 hours
    • 1 month
    • 2 days
  • Question of

    Did you know… How many glasses of milk does a cow produce in a lifetime?

    • 50,000
    • 200,000
    • 70,000
    • 300,000
  • Question of

    Bats always turn left when leaving a cave.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Which of these animals is the closest relative of a rhinoceros?

    • Hippopotamus
    • Horse
    • Pig
    • Cow
  • Question of

    About silent animals… Which of these mammals has no vocal chords?

    • Zebra
    • Wildebeest
    • Giraffe
    • Antelope
  • Question of

    Which of these birds has eyes bigger than its brain?

    • Hummingbird
    • Owl
    • Parrot
    • Ostrich
  • Question of

    Which animals hold hands when they are asleep floating in the water to avoid drifting apart?

    • Seals
    • Sea otters
    • Beavers
    • Weasels
  • Question of

    Surprise! From a phylogenetic perspective, elephant shrews are actually more closely related to:

    • Elephants
    • Rabbits
    • Rats
    • Opossums
  • Question of

    What is the largest rat-free populated area in the world?

    • Rondonia, Brazil
    • Siberia, Russia
    • Hokkaido, Japan
    • Alberta, Canada
  • Question of

    The horn of a rhinoceros is made of

    • Bone
    • Skin tissue
    • Cartilage
    • Keratin

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