How much do you know about international cuisine? Let’s find out

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    The literal translation of “vermicelli” is:

    • Butterfly
    • Languages
    • Little worms
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    The phở is a traditional dish of the ____ kitchen.

    • Chinese
    • Korean
    • Vietnamese
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    What is ghee?

    • A fresh cheese originating in India.
    • A clarified butter from Indian and Pakistani cuisine.
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    In Brazil, the traditional days for eating feijoada are:

    • Tuesdays and Fridays.
    • Thursdays and Sundays.
    • Wednesdays and Saturdays.
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    The French expression “crème fraîche” means literally:

    • Sour cream
    • Fresh cream
    • Milk cream
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    Laddu is a candy that originates from the Indian subcontinent and is shaped like a:

    • Cube
    • Sphere
    • Cylinder
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    What is clafoutis?

    • A French cake made by baking cherries in a liquid dough like crepes.
    • A small glass container whose purpose is to hold a solid or liquid dish instead of a drink.
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    Which of these sweets has a similar taste to Spanish turron or Italian torrone?

    • Sablé
    • Chikki
    • Nougat
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    What do they use to fill the briouats in Moroccan cuisine?

    • Meat mixed with cheese, lemon and pepper.
    • Minced meat, anchovies, eggs, tomato sauce, cheese, harissa and sometimes capers.
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    What is curanto?

    • A Mexican dish consisting of whole pieces of chili.
    • A millenary traditional method of cooking food in the Chiloé Archipelago.

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