If you can’t pass this quiz, your general knowledge is lacking

QUIZ: If you can't pass this quiz, your general knowledge is lacking
QUIZ: If you can't pass this quiz, your general knowledge is lacking

If you can’t pass this quiz, your general knowledge is lacking. Do you think you can answer all these general knowledge questions correctly? Don’t hesitate, click and try. Do you know Lady Gaga’s birth name? If you do, claim 1/25. Are you ready for a real challenge? Let’s play!

If you can’t pass this quiz, your general knowledge is lacking

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  • Question of

    What is the capital of Slovakia?

    • Warsaw
    • Ljubljana
    • Bratislava
  • Question of

    “Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild” is a painting by:

    • Rembrandt
    • Vincent van Gogh
    • Johannes Vermeer
  • Question of

    What did Popeye do?

    • Artist
    • Sailor
    • Butcher
  • Question of

    Where was Walt Disney born?

    • Chicago, USA.
    • Cincinnati, USA.
    • San Francisco, USA.
  • Question of

    In anatomy, if we say right atrium of the heart we mean:

    • The right auricle.
    • The right ventricle.
  • Question of

    In Greek mythology, who was Zeus’ legitimate wife?

    • Rhea
    • Leto
    • Hera
  • Question of

    What party did President Barack Obama belong to?

    • Democrats
    • Republican
  • Question of

    Official language of Syria:

    • Syrian
    • Arabic
  • Question of

    How many players make up a cricket team?

    • 6
    • 4
    • 11
  • Question of

    Which Beatles member was the first to die?

    • John Lennon.
    • George Harrison.
  • Question of

    Who wrote “Barbara”?

    • Juan Rulfo.
    • Isabel Allende.
    • Rómulo Gallegos.
  • Question of

    Which of these groups did Justin Timberlake belong to?

    • NSYNC
    • Backstreet Boys
  • Question of

    What are the four conventions governing international humanitarian law called?

    • Hague Conventions.
    • Geneva Conventions.
  • Question of

    Peralta de la Sal is a town of:

    • Mexico
    • Spain
    • Argentina
  • Question of

    Meaning associated with intemperate:

    • That happens unexpectedly.
    • That it is out of time and season.
  • Question of

    What’s Lady Gaga’s birth name?

    • Louise Veronica Ciccone.
    • Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.
    • Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta.
  • Question of

    The Bolivian is the official currency of:

    • Bolivia
    • Colombia
    • Venezuela
  • Question of

    If we say sinister, we mean the _____ hand.

    • Right
    • Left
  • Question of

    Who was the first presenter of the Oscar Awards?

    • Bob Hope.
    • Douglas Fairbanks.
  • Question of

    What is the chemical symbol for tin?

    • Sr
    • Sn
  • Question of

    Who wrote the Letter from Jamaica?

    • Andrés Bello.
    • Simon Bolivar.
    • Francisco de Miranda.
  • Question of

    How many days are there in a leap year?

    • 366
    • 364
  • Question of

    By which name is the Greenwich Meridian known?

    • Parallel 0°.
    • First meridian.
  • Question of

    “Little Lulu” is a comic book series created by:

    • Marge
    • José Escobar
    • George Gately
  • Question of

    How many players make up a lacrosse team?

    • 5
    • 11
    • 10

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