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    Translate: Tetera in spanish means:

    • Roaster
    • Teapot
    • Heater
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    Rallador has the associated meaning:

    • Grater
    • Fork
    • Knife
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    Now, Delantal in english is written:

    • Hat
    • Shirt
    • Apron
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    Translate: Batidora means…

    • Mixer
    • Tureen
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    Mirror in spanish is written:

    • Panera
    • Mirador
    • Espejo
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    Plato in english is written___.

    • Fork
    • Plate
    • Knife
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    Translate: Curtain has the associated meaning___.

    • Cuatro
    • Cortina
    • Clavija
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    Double bed in spanish is:

    • Cama matrimonial
    • Cama simple
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    Let’s level up, translate the following sentence: The bed is unmade.

    • La cama está sin hacer.
    • La cama está hecha.
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    “Hora de dormir” translated is:

    • Shower time.
    • Bedtime.
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    “Make the bed” translated into Spanish is:

    • Hacer la cama.
    • Marcar la cama.
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    Tie in spanish:

    • Te
    • Tia
    • Corbata
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    Skirt in spanish:

    • Falda
    • Pantalon
    • Remera
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    Guante in English is written___.

    • Glove
    • Chap
    • Linen
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    Suit in spanish is:

    • Traje
    • Cuarto

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