Test your language skills for the animal world. Ready?

QUIZ: Test your language skills for the animal world
QUIZ: Test your language skills for the animal world

Test your language skills for the animal world. It’s time for the Animal World Language Quiz. Questions no. 4 and 8 are the hardest. Have you wondered what’s the proper name for a group of rhinoceros? Find out here.

Dare to test your language skills for the animal world? Questions no. 4 and 8 are the hardest

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  • Question of

    How should a baby hare be called?

    animal world language
    • Joey
    • Kid
    • Keet
    • Leveret
  • Question of

    This one should be easier… Which animal has the longest gestation period?

    • Giraffe
    • Elephant
    • Blue whale
    • Hippopotamus
  • Question of

    The dingo is a type of wild dog that lives in what place?

    • Australia
    • Tanzania
    • Argentina
    • India
  • Question of

    Here it comes… What’s the real collective English name for a flock of larks?

    • Bevy
    • Asylum
    • Tiding
    • Herd
  • Question of

    An octopus can squeeze through any hole larger than its…

    • … brain
    • … head
    • … beak
    • … arms
  • Question of

    The deer is a type of game animal. What is the correct name for its meat?

    • Veal
    • Mutton
    • Venison
    • Carabeef
  • Question of

    Which animal has the longest tongue compared to its body size?

    • Anteater
    • Frog
    • Chameleon
    • Bat
  • Question of

    Some more language testing… What’s the real collective name in English for a flock of swans?

    • Cotillion
    • Bouquet
    • Charm
    • Wedge
  • Question of

    Facts to remember… Which dog breed is commonly used by firemen in U.S.?

    • German shepherd
    • Dalmatian
    • Border collie
    • Doberman
  • Question of

    Which is the world’s fastest bird when diving for hunting?

    • Peregrin falcon
    • Grey-headed albatross
    • Common swift
    • Frigatebird
  • Question of

    The Arabian camel, also called dromedary, has how many humps?

    • One
    • Two
  • Question of

    Now extinct, what is the name of the shark considered the largest that ever lived on the seas?

    • Basilosaurus
    • Brygmophyseter
    • Megalodon
    • Uintatherium
  • Question of

    Now a real difficult one… What is a group of rhinoceros properly called in English?

    • A “corral”
    • A “party”
    • A “crash”
    • A “congress”
  • Question of

    What’s the name for a baby coyote?

    • Pup
    • Shoat
    • Puggle
    • Fawn
  • Question of

    Where in the U.S. are crocodiles and alligators found living together?

    • South Carolina
    • South Florida
    • Louisiana
    • Georgia

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