The Nightmare Before Christmas QUIZ. Can you pass it?

QUIZ: How much do you know about The Nightmare Before Christmas?
QUIZ: How much do you know about The Nightmare Before Christmas?

How much do you know about The Nightmare Before Christmas? A quiz for Christmas lovers. There are films that are definitely classics at Christmas time. Have some fun and let’s find out how much you remember about this film. Merry Christmas and happy new year! We wish you good luck.

How much do you know about The Nightmare Before Christmas?

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  • Question of

    What material is Sally made of?

    • Plastic
    • Wool
    • Rag
  • Question of

    What health problem does the professor who created Sally have?

    • He’s missing an arm.
    • He can’t walk.
    • He’s blind.
  • Question of

    What’s the name of Jack’s pet?

    • Leftovers
    • Zero
    • Boney
  • Question of

    What did Sally put in Dr. Finklestein’s food to make him sleep?

    • Toad/Frog Breath
    • Worm wart
    • Belladonna
  • Question of

    What’s the shape of the door that takes you to Christmas Town?

    • Christmas Tree
    • Santa Claus
    • Reindeer
  • Question of

    Where did the “Vampires” go to find Jack?

    • To the pumpkin patch
    • The eye of the Cyclops
    • The mausoleum
  • Question of

    What does Jack think is the name of Santa Claus?

    • Sandy Claws
    • Santa Cruz
  • Question of

    What figure does Jack get when he tries to make a paper snowflake?

    • A pumpkin
    • A spider
    • A skeleton
  • Question of

    What stuffed animal does Jack take to open and investigate?

    • A dog
    • A bear
    • A lion
  • Question of

    How does Sally get down from the tower she’s locked in?

    • With a rope
    • She throws herself out the window
    • She goes down the pipe
  • Question of

    What animal spirit comes out of the bottle of wine that Sally brings to Jack?

    • Owl
    • Fly
    • Butterfly
  • Question of

    What expression does Jack use when he tells everyone they’re going to celebrate Christmas?

    • Hooray!
    • Eureka!
    • Hallelujah!
  • Question of

    What does Jack ask the Doctor to do to make Christmas happen?

    • A sleigh
    • A Sandy Claws
    • Reindeer
  • Question of

    What does Jack ask of Oogie Boogie’s children?

    • To steal Sandy Claws’ clothes
    • To kill Sandy Claws
    • Get Sandy Claws kidnapped
  • Question of

    Who gets Lock, Shock and Barrel the bug they catch?

    • To Sandy
    • To Jack
    • To Oogie Boogie

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