This biology test will blow your mind with some weird facts. Average score? Terrible

biology test
biology test

Biology test. How much of the body mass do make human gut bacteria? If you have the right answer, your chances are far better than the majority. Ready to test your knowledge level? Average score: 8/15.

This biology test will blow your mind with some weird facts. Average score? Terrible

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  • Question of

    Which organ in the human body cannot feel pain itself?

    • The liver
    • The pancreas
    • The brain
    • The heart
  • Question of

    What part of the human body remains the same size from birth?

    • The eyes
    • The nose
    • The mouth
    • The ears
  • Question of

    Which of these animals is no more an endangered species?

    • Blue whales
    • Gray wolves
    • Pandas
    • Tigers
  • Question of

    When the DNA of an organism changes and results in a new trait (characteristic) it is known as:

    • Replication
    • Mutation
    • Sequencing
  • Question of

    Who was the first person to see a living cell with the help of a microscope?

    • Gregor Mendel, 1859
    • Robert Hooke, 1700
    • Edward Jenner, 1784
    • Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, 1674
  • Question of

    Tickling is actually a body reaction of

    • Delight
    • Anger
    • Panic
    • None of them
  • Question of

    How much of the body mass do make bacteria in the human gut?

    • 1-3%
    • 0.5-0.8%
    • 4-6%
    • 0.3-0.4%
  • Question of

    Which animal can lift 50 times its own weight?

    • Eagles
    • Ants
    • Pumas
    • Beetles
  • Question of

    Which one is the smallest cell in the human body?

    • Blood cells
    • Male sperm
    • Nerve cells
    • Muscle tissue
  • Question of

    What finger actually contributes to 50% of hand’s strength?

    • Thumb
    • The middle finger
    • Pinky
    • The index finger
  • Question of

    The word “organ” comes from the Greek “organon” which means:

    • Tool
    • Part
    • Function
    • Lever
  • Question of

    Which of these species spends about 44% of its life asleep?

    • Pythons
    • Cats
    • Humans
    • Dogs
  • Question of

    Fingers don’t have muscles to allow movement.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    A grown banana plant is typically considered what:

    • A tree
    • A herb
    • A shrub
  • Question of

    Kerogenin, an ingredient used to make shakes thicker in McDonald’s, is actually derived from:

    • Slugs
    • An orchid
    • A red algae
    • Whale’s sperm

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