15 science quiz questions to test your knowledge

QUIZ: 15 science quiz questions to test your knowledge
QUIZ: 15 science quiz questions to test your knowledge

15 science quiz questions to test your knowledge. Wake up your inner scientist. My roommates couldn’t answer the second question. Are you a scientist? Or maybe you’re thinking about studying sciences? Well, this is a good quiz to wet your feet on different scientific topics. Go ahead and do your best to answer all these questions, especially the last one.

Science Knowledge Quiz: 15 science quiz questions to test your knowledge

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  • Question of

    Oil is considered to be a

    • Fossil fuel
    • Renewable source of energy
    • White substance
    • Green fuel
  • Question of

    What does CPU stand for?

    • Computer Process Unit
    • Central Processing Unit
    • Core Processing Unity
    • Central Projecting Unit
  • Question of

    Which of the following elements is liquid at normal temperature?

    • Oxygen
    • Helium
    • Mercury
    • Nitrogen
  • Question of

    What does WWW stand for?

    • World Wide Web
    • World Webinar Web
    • World War Web
    • World Wide Webinar
  • Question of

    Isaac Asimov wrote the three laws of

    • Solar energy
    • Centrifugal force
    • Centripetal force
    • Robotics
  • Question of

    How do fungi organisms reproduce themselves?

    • Sex
    • Spores
    • Seeds
    • Condensation
  • Question of

    What reaction serves as the trigger of an Atomic Bomb?

    • Atomic fission
    • Nuclear fusion
    • Single displacement
    • Decomposition
  • Question of

    What does a DNA molecule look like?

    • A spider web
    • A cloverleaf
    • A clock
    • A twisted ladder
  • Question of

    What science studies insects?

    • Ontology
    • Entomology
    • Theology
    • Morphology
  • Question of

    Humans cannot see infrared light because its wavelength is

    • Too short
    • Too small
    • Too wide
    • Too long
  • Question of

    What percentage of Earth is covered by water?

    • 69
    • 70
    • 71
    • 78
  • Question of

    A hypothesis is

    • An opinion based on result
    • Knowledge based on concluding data
    • A proposed explanation with limited evidence
    • Knowledge based on scientific testing
  • Question of

    The following elements are good electricity conductors EXCEPT

    • Gold
    • Water
    • Copper
    • Glass
  • Question of

    Which of the following is a common tool used in weather forecasting?

    • Divination
    • Dowsing
    • Drones
    • Doppler radar
  • Question of

    How did Isaac Newton discover gravity?

    • He saw a lemon falling from a tree
    • He saw an apple falling from a tree
    • He saw a person falling down the stairs
    • He did not discover gravity

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