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Can you match these paintings to their artists? Only 1 in 102 pass this quiz

Can you match these paintings to their artists? Let eyes, memory and intuition guide you. A test for true art lovers. Are you ready? Look carefully at these examples of lesser-known artwork and identify the artist by the brushstroke. Have fun.

Can you match these paintings to their artists? Let eyes, memory and intuition guide you. Only 1 in 102 pass this quiz

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    Spain, 16th-17th centuries

    • Doménikos Théotokópoulos “El Greco”
    • Diego Velázquez
    • Francisco de Zurbarán
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    England, 18th century

    • Thomas Gainsborough
    • William Hogarth
    • Joshua Reynolds
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    France, 19th-20th centuries

    • Paul Cézanne
    • Vincent Van Gogh
    • Camille Pissarro
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    Spain, 18th-19th centuries

    • Francisco Bayeu
    • Francisco de Goya
    • Anton Raphael Mengs
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    France, 18th century

    • Antoine Watteau
    • Jean Siméon Chardin
    • François Boucher
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    United States, 19th-20th centuries

    • John Singer Sargent
    • Winslow Homer
    • Mary Cassatt
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    France, 19th-20th centuries

    • Édouard Manet
    • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
    • Pierre-Auguste Renoir
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    Italy, 13th-15th centuries

    • Cimabue
    • Giotto di Bondone
    • Andrea Mantegna
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    France, 19th-20th centuries

    • Edgar Degas
    • Édouard Manet
    • Georges Seurat
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    Mexico, 20th century

    • Diego Rivera
    • Frida Kahlo
    • David Alfaro Siqueiros
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    Europe, 19th-20th centuries

    • Egon Schiele
    • Oskar Kokoschka
    • Amedeo Modigliani
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    The Netherlands, 17th century

    • Rembrandt van Rijn
    • Johannes Vermeer
    • Frans Hals
  • Question of

    England, 18th-19th centuries

    • John Constable
    • Richard Parkes Bonnington
    • William Turner
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    Abstract expressionism movement, 20th century

    • Willem de Kooning
    • Wassily Kandinsky
    • Jackson Pollock
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    Op Art, 20th century

    • Bridget Riley
    • Victor Vasarely
    • Jesús Rafael Soto

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