French Revolution Quiz. Can you ace it?

French Revolution Quiz
French Revolution Quiz

French Revolution Quiz. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. The French revolution is one of the most important events in the modern history.

It lead to a widespread of enlightenment ideas across Europe. It changed the course of history as we know it.

French Revolution Quiz. Can you ace it?

Do you have knowledge of the events that happened in the French Revolution? We’re about to find out, so better be prepared.

Test your knowledge on facts about the French Revolution with this French Revolution trivia quiz and see if you can answer all the questions correctly. Are you ready? Let’s play.

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  • Question of

    When did French revolution began?

    • August 14th 1789
    • July 14th 1789
    • August 17th 1785
    • July 17th 1779
  • Question of

    The Taille was a tax imposed on the non-noble people of France for what?

    • For the amount of land owned
    • For national tariffs like wine
    • For military expenditures
    • For entering a city
  • Question of

    Which event is considered as the beginning of the French revolution?

    • French soldiers returning from American colonies
    • The storming of Bastille
    • Death of Louis XV
    • The end of the Seven years war.
  • Question of

    Who was the governor and commander of the Bastille’ garrison?

    • Bernard Rene de Launey
    • Pierre Augustin Hulin
    • Jacques Necker
    • Jean-Sylvain Bailly
  • Question of

    The 3rd estate along with some nobles and clergy created which group to solve the economic crisis?

    • National Constituent Assembly
    • Estates-general
    • Bourgeois Militia
    • Legislative Assembly
  • Question of

    Which writer of the periodical L’Ami du peuple (Friend of the people) was an important radical voice during the French revolution?

    • Jean-Paul Marat
    • Maximilien Robespierre
    • Élie Lacoste
    • Georges Danton
  • Question of

    What was the nickname given to the then queen of France Marie Antoinette?

    • Madame Deficit
    • The Last Queen
    • Lady Antoinette
    • Madame Panache
  • Question of

    On June 20th 1792, a mob broke into Tuileries and did what to show the king’s loyalty to the Republic?

    • Made the king wear the bonnet rouge
    • Signed the Brunswick Manifesto
    • Imprisoned the King and queen
    • Made the king use the non-royal Capet family name
  • Question of

    When was the First republic, officially the French Republic officially declared?

    • September 22nd 1792
    • September 5th 1793
    • July 22nd 1792
    • August 17th 1792
  • Question of

    Who assassinated Jean-Paul Marat in his medicinal bath on 13th July 1793?

    • Charlotte Corday
    • Jacques Pierre Brissot
    • Simone Evrard
    • Marie Antoinette
  • Question of

    Around how many people were guillotined during the reign of terror?

    • 40,000
    • 50,000
    • 10,000
    • 80,000
  • Question of

    When was Robespierre executed?

    • 28th July 1794
    • 16th October 1793
    • 21st January 1793
    • 19th June 1794
  • Question of

    Who was appointed to rule France after the execution of Robespierre?

    • The Directory
    • Napoleon Bonaparte
    • Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes
    • Pierre Joseph Cambon
  • Question of

    When was Napoleon Bonaparte crowned as the Emperor of France?

    • 2nd December 1804
    • 22nd July 1797
    • 4th October 1799
    • 18th May 1804
  • Question of

    The Eiffel tower was made as the entrance to the World’s Fair for which anniversary of “the Storming of Bastille”?

    • 100th anniversary
    • 75th anniversary
    • 50th anniversary
    • 150th anniversary

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