History picture quiz. Can you recognize these figures?

QUIZ: History picture quiz
QUIZ: History picture quiz

History picture quiz. Can you recognize these historical figures from one picture? The funny thing about this quiz is that false responses gave us more trouble than the right ones.

Go ahead, test your memory and have fun. Average score: 9/15. I hope you can do better. Do you want to find out? Don’t hesitate, let’s play.

Human memory has a striking characteristic of remembering things better with pictures as compared to words. It was proven several decades ago that most of the people can remember more than 2,000 pictures with at least 90% accuracy when they are tested with recognition tests after several days, even if they have a short presentation time during learning about a picture.

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A picture is of more worth than words. Many people have very good photo recognition memory even if they see the picture after a very long time.

Remembering faces is also an excellent ability but some people cannot remember a face and can mistake people for their appearance. Trying to recognize people from the picture can be an interesting and fun activity.

Famous historical figures picture quiz. Picture trivia questions

Almost everyone knows about different historical figures and famous personalities and they can recognize them by their picture. To have fun with historical pictures, we have a quiz here to check whether you can recognize these personalities from their pictures or not.

If you claim, you know most of the historical figures, this quiz is a light and interesting test for testing your memory ability to recognize and remember faces with their names.

You’ll increase your knowledge while having fun with these pictures and in the end, you’ll know the right answers to every question so that you can attempt the quiz again with 100% accuracy.

History picture quiz. Can you recognize these figures?

You’ll get the new information by attempting this quiz and even you can take pictures of these pictures on your phone and can have fun with friends later by asking them the same question you answered here. So, start recalling your memory by playing this interesting educational game.

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  • Question of

    A portrait of a mid-19th century woman in her wedding attire.

    • Eugénie, Empress of France
    • Charlotte Brontë, writer
    • Queen Victoria
  • Question of

    Mediterranean ruler, 20th century

    • Benito Mussolini
    • King Paul of Greece
    • Francisco Franco
  • Question of

    Charming smile…

    • Barbara Stanwyck, American actress
    • Eva Perón, First Lady of Argentina (1946-1952)
    • Gabriela Mistral, Chilean author and Nobel Prize
  • Question of

    An 18th century king… or a politician?

    • George Washington
    • King Luis XV of France
    • King Frederick the Great of Prussia
  • Question of

    A very influential woman of 20th century.

    • Marie Curie, Polish scientist and Nobel Prize
    • Edith Cavell, British nurse in World War I
    • Emmeline Pankhurst, British suffragette
  • Question of

    Mexican revolutionary or politician?

    • Pancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary
    • Álvaro Obregón, President of Mexico
    • Emiliano Zapata, Mexican revolutionary
  • Question of

    A 17th European ruler.

    • Oliver Cromwell (England)
    • King George I, England
    • Emperor Peter the Great, Russia
  • Question of

    What actress was this?

    • Marlene Dietrich
    • Greta Garbo
    • Mary Pickford
  • Question of

    The ruler of one of the fallen empires in World War I.

    • Emperor Wilhelm II, Germany
    • Nicholas II, Tsar of Russia
    • Emperor Franz Joseph, Austria-Hungary
  • Question of

    Another influential woman of 20th century. Who is she?

    • Rosa Luxemburg, German revolutionary
    • Virginia Woolf, British writer
    • Marie Curie, Polish scientist
  • Question of

    European politician at the time of World War II

    • Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister
    • Édouard Daladier, French Prime Minister
    • Charles de Gaulle, French President
  • Question of

    A very powerful European queen.

    • Isabelle I of Castile, Queen of Spain
    • Anne of Britanny, Queen of France
    • Eleanor of Aquitaine, Queen of France
  • Question of

    A revered African ruler, 19-20th centuries.

    • Ibrahim Njoya, King of Cameroon
    • Haile Selassie , Emperor of Ethiopia
    • Radaama II, King of Madagascar
  • Question of

    A great scientist of 20th century.

    • Jonas Salk
    • Francis Crick
    • Alexander Fleming
  • Question of

    What US President is this?

    • Theodore Roosevelt
    • Woodrow Wilson
    • William Howard Taft

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