Jump in and test your wisdom with these questions about Japanese culture. Be warned that this is NOT FOR ROOKIES

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Is it the samurais? The ninjas? The cherry blossoms? Perhaps the anime shows? I don’t know, but Japan is fascinating. Are you a Japanese culture enthusiast? Test out your knowledge of “the sun’s origin” country.



Japanese culture enthusiast? Jump in and test your wisdom with these questions. Be warned that this is NOT FOR ROOKIES

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    Why did Japan participate on the World War II?

    • Because they were attacked
    • Because Japanese people were isolated from the world
    • Because they had a pact with Germany and Italy
    • Because they wanted to rule the world
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    When did The Age of the Samurai began?

    • 1185
    • 1800
    • 1500
    • 1328
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    When did the Tokugawa period began (also known as Edo period)?

    • 1500
    • 1603
    • 1720
    • 1580
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    Why do Japanese and other Asian cultures use chopsticks to eat instead of silverware?

    • Because knives and forks could be used as weapons
    • Because chopsticks cut better
    • Because they are smarter people
    • Because chopsticks develop hand skills
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    What is Japan’s most famous religion?

    • Shinto
    • Catholicism
    • Christianity
    • Sikhism
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    Sticking chopsticks vertical in a bowl of rice is understood as

    • Being full without further desire to eat
    • Being polite
    • Having bad table manners
    • Asking for more food
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    The following martial arts are Japanese EXCEPT

    • Karate
    • Taekwondo
    • Judo
    • Aikido
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    Which of the following habits are common in Japan?

    • Taking a nap at work
    • Eating while walking
    • Speaking really loud
    • Getting piercings
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    Whenever a Yakuza (Japanese mafia) member dishonored his boss, he would

    • Ask for a raise
    • Cut one of his fingers
    • Give money to his boss
    • Abandon the organization
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    Japanese folk music is well known for having string instruments such as

    • Bass guitar
    • Electric guitar
    • Sitar
    • Koto
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    The highest point in Japan is located in

    • Sapporo
    • Mount Fuji
    • Mount Warusawa
    • Mount Norikura
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    What is the name of the belt used by Sumo wrestlers?

    • Dobok
    • Kimono
    • Mawashi
    • Tempura
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    The following weapons were popularly used by ninjas in feudal Japan, EXCEPT

    • Shuriken
    • Kunai
    • Kurasigama
    • Katana
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    The name of Japan’s current Emperor is

    • Taisho
    • Hirohito
    • Naruhito
    • Akihito
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    How many alphabets does the Japanese language have?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4

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