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You must be a true expert to answer all 15 questions in this quiz. And, sorry, I bet you won’t

You must be an expert to answer all the questions in this quiz. All the early cradle of civilization started along the banks of a river. Rivers played a vital role in the development of cities and subsequent empires as they were the backbone of early development. Being such an important aspect of human lives, these rivers have witnessed the rise and fall of the mankind. Can you answer these 15 questions based on rivers of the world?

You must be a true expert to answer all 15 questions in this quiz. And, sorry, I bet you won’t

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  • Question of

    Which 2 rivers form the region where the Mesopotamian civilization is situated?

    • Tigris- Euphrates
    • Euphrates – Jordan River
    • Tigris – Nile
    • Nile – Shatt Al- Arab
  • Question of

    Which country has most number of rivers that are longer than 1000 meter?

    • Bangladesh
    • India
    • Russia
    • Canada
  • Question of

    What which river basin has the highest population in the world?

    • Ganges River Basin
    • Yangtze River Basin
    • Nile River Basin
    • Indus River Basin
  • Question of

    Which country among the following doesn’t have a river passing through its territory?

    • New Zealand
    • Uruguay
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Morocco
  • Question of

    The Danube River flows through how many countries?

    • 12
    • 8
    • 10
    • 14
  • Question of

    There’s a parallel river flowing 4 Km beneath Amazon and it’s just as long as the Amazon River. True or False?

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    The world’s largest Dam is situated on which river?

    • Colorado River
    • Nile River
    • Volga River
    • Yangtze River
  • Question of

    Which river is the longest river of North America?

    • Amazon River
    • Yukon River
    • Missouri River
    • Rio Grande
  • Question of

    Which river among the following has never flown in reverse direction?

    • Amazon River
    • Thames River
    • Chicago River
    • Mississippi River
  • Question of

    Which among the following rivers does not form an international boundary between two or more countries?

    • Dnieper River
    • Yellow River
    • Ganges River
    • Rhine River
  • Question of

    Oldest river boat was found in which country?

    • Netherlands
    • India
    • Egypt
    • Kenya
  • Question of

    The longest river crossing bridge is found in which country?

    • Myanmar
    • United States of America
    • United Kingdom
    • Brazil
  • Question of

    What is the largest fresh water fish?

    • Alligator Gar
    • Mekong Giant Catfish
    • Beluga Sturgeon
    • Bull Shark
  • Question of

    Hydro-electric power contributes to less than 10% of world’s energy source. True or False?

    • False
    • True
  • Question of

    Which of the following rivers does not flow through Germany?

    • Oder
    • Danube
    • Slack
    • Rhine

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