Universe QUIZ. Only 1 in 70 answer with no mistakes

Universe QUIZ
Universe QUIZ

Universe QUIZ. Getting more than 11/15 seems an impossible task. Can you tell which is the lightest planet in our Solar System? If you do, be prepared to respond to the questions in this test. Almost no one gets a perfect 15.

Universe QUIZ. Only 1 in 70 answer with no mistakes

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  • Question of

    Pencils are a risk in zero gravity conditions in outer space because:

    • They break easily
    • They are flammable
    • Lead gets poisonous
  • Question of

    What creatures were the first ones to reproduce in space in a Russian experiment?

    • Cockroaches
    • Spiders
    • Lizards
    • Bees
  • Question of

    Which one is actually the lightest planet in our Solar System?

    • Mars
    • Jupiter
    • Mercury
    • Saturn
  • Question of

    The V2 rocket, the first to go into space, was launched by whom?

    • The Russians
    • The Americans
    • The Germans
    • The Chinese
  • Question of

    An astronaut’s DNA remains unaltered in long space travels.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    What type of galaxy is our Milky Way?

    • Elliptical
    • Barred spiral
    • Irregular
    • Ringed
  • Question of

    The last man to walk on the moon was:

    • Buzz Aldrin
    • Eugene Cernan
    • Neil Armstrong
    • James Lovell
  • Question of

    As it is expanding, what’s happening with the Universe’s temperature?

    • It’s heating
    • It stays the same
    • It can’t be measured
    • It’s cooling
  • Question of

    Which of these galaxies is expected to collide with the Milky Way in some 5 billion years?

    • Andromeda
    • Small Magellanic Cloud
    • Sombrero
    • Large Magellanic Cloud
  • Question of

    The name of the Sun’s bubble-like region reaching out to outer planets in the Solar System is:

    • Magnetosphere
    • Photosphere
    • Chromosphere
    • Heliosphere
  • Question of

    Milky Way’s central nucleus hides a huge massive black hole with what name?

    • Centaurus B*
    • Cygnus D*
    • Perseus C*
    • Sagittarius A*
  • Question of

    Compared to outer space, time speed on Earth goes:

    • Slower
    • Faster
    • The same
    • It depends on many factors
  • Question of

    The distance from the Solar System from Milky Way’s center is about:

    • 55,000 light years
    • 25,000 light years
    • 13,000 light years
    • 112,000 light years
  • Question of

    Mimas is a satellite of which planet in our Solar System?

    • Uranus
    • Jupiter
    • Saturn
    • Neptune
  • Question of

    Milky Way is moving in space at what speed?

    • 45 kilometers per second
    • 108 kilometers per second
    • 250 kilometers per second
    • 552 kilometers per second

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