15 hard general knowledge questions. Take this trivia quiz

Trivia Quiz: 15 hard general knowledge questions
Trivia Quiz: 15 hard general knowledge questions

This tivia quiz consists of 15 hard general knowledge questions. Example: On our planet there are 8 continents: true or false?

15 hard general knowledge questions. Take this trivia quiz

Only 1 in 66 people manage to score over 12/15 on this general knowledge test. Take this general knowledge quiz and find out if you can pass it.

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  • Question of

    What are the colors of the circles on the Olympic flag?

    • Mustard, orange, purple, green, red.
    • Blue, yellow, black, green, red.
    • Yellow, purple, gray, green, red.
  • Question of

    There are eight continents on our planet.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    A layer that surrounds the earth and protects living things from the sun’s ultraviolet rays:

    • Exosphere
    • Thermosphere
    • Ozone
  • Question of

    In Spain, the Cadiz Constitution of 1812 is popularly known as:

    • The Hispaniola.
    • La Pepa.
    • The Clave.
  • Question of

    Chemical symbol for sodium:

    • Na
    • S
    • So
  • Question of

    Petroleum is a _____ word.

    • Oxytone
    • Paroxytone
    • Proparoxytone
  • Question of

    Name of Rocky’s protagonist:

    • Jason Statham.
    • Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    • Sylvester Stallone.
  • Question of

    Ending criminal or penalty proceedings without reaching a decision on the merits.

    • Complaint
    • Overruled
    • Charge
  • Question of

    The Saudi Arabian flag has a:

    • Sword
    • Eagle
    • Snake
  • Question of

    Which of these great artists was born in Spain?

    • Vincent van Gogh.
    • Joaquin Sorolla.
    • Both artists are from Spain.
  • Question of

    The painting The Tower of Babel was painted by:

    • Pieter Brueghel the Younger.
    • Pieter Brueghel the Elder.
    • Peter Paul Rubens.
  • Question of

    Nice is a city that is located in:

    • France
    • England
    • Spain
  • Question of

    The baht is the official currency of:

    • Vietnam
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
  • Question of

    Smallest muscle in the human body:

    • Sternum
    • Anvil
    • Stapedius
  • Question of

    The Gettysburg Address was given by Lincoln.

    • True
    • False

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