A teenager should solve this quiz easily. Can you answer all 15 questions?

A teenager should solve this quiz easily. But will you be able to answer correctly?

A teenager should solve this quiz easily. A logical reasoning you’ll remember from your school years. It’s not a quiz for amateurs. It’s a real challenge.

A teenager should solve this quiz easily. Can you answer all 15 questions?

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  • Question of

    If there are three times more peaches (M) than plums (C) in a basket, one expression for the total fruit is:

    • 3C+M
    • 4M
    • 3C-M
    • 4C
  • Question of

    Two expressions whose sum is 300, it is:

    • h, 300-h
    • m, 33/m
    • k, 300,k
  • Question of

    What’s 20% of 80?

    • 16
    • 20
    • 18
  • Question of

    If the price of the iphone 6 increased from 5600 dollars to 6000 dollars, its percentage increase was:

    • 5 %
    • 6,6 %
    • 7,14 %
  • Question of

    Penny lends Amy half of 20% of her magazines. If the total of her magazines is 200, how many magazines did she lend her?

    • 10
    • 20
    • 40
  • Question of

    In the expression B= 2C² if C is tripled then B is multiplied by

    • 3
    • 6
    • 4
    • None of the above.
  • Question of

    A die is thrown. Find the probability of a 6.

    • 1/6
    • 1
    • 1/3
  • Question of

    If you take a deck of 52 cards, what are the chances that you will draw a particular red card?

    • 1/26
    • 1
    • 1/52
  • Question of

    You have two numbers so that their sum is 52 and their difference is 8. Which is the greater number?

    • 30
    • 22
    • 37
  • Question of

    Following the rules of symbolic logic. The contradiction of “no elephant is forgetful” is:

    • No elephant is forgetful.
    • Some elephants are forgetful.
    • All elephants are forgetful.
  • Question of

    Given the premises: “every pirate is a bandit” and “every buccaneer is a pirate” then it can be concluded that: (according to symbolic logic)

    • Every pirate is a buccaneer.
    • Every buccaneer is a bandit.
    • Every bandit is a buccaneer.
  • Question of

    What’s 8% of 600?

    • 48
    • 94
    • 58
  • Question of

    If the side of a square increases by 10%, how much does its area increase?

    • 10 %
    • 21 %
    • 40 %
  • Question of

    The volume of an edge cube is a³. If the edge is tripled, the volume is multiplied by:

    • 12
    • 9
    • 27
  • Question of

    In the expression y=4x, if the x is doubled the y is:

    • Duplicated
    • Triplicated
    • It remains the same.

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