Are you brave enough to take this history quiz?

Are you brave enough to take this history quiz?
Are you brave enough to take this history quiz? (Public Domain)

Are you brave enough to take this history test? You can be proud of yourself, if you score higher than 11/15 in this quiz. What year did the United Kingdom of Great Britain get this denomination? If you know the answer, come and get your point, but other questions are not that easy. This quiz is loaded with surprising facts about history.

Are you brave enough to take this history test?

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  • Question of

    In the mid-13th century, King Haakon IV of Norway gave an animal as a gift to King Henry III of England for his royal menagerie. What animal was it?

    • A sea otter
    • A horse
    • A polar bear
    • A deer
  • Question of

    What city in continental Europe was the second in the world in having an electrically operated underground railway system after London?

    • Budapest, Hungary
    • Paris, France
    • Berlin, Germany
    • Brussels, Belgium
  • Question of

    What European country is the record winner of the Eurovision Song Contest (seven times)?

    • France
    • Greece
    • Austria
    • Ireland
  • Question of

    In the early 19th century the British government spent up to 40% of its annual expenditure for what sole purpose?

    • To develop Britain’s railway system
    • To free slaves and compensate their owners
    • To finance overseas exploration
    • To help the poor in growing city slums
  • Question of

    Before reunification (1990), West Germany’s federal capital was in:

    • Frankfurt am Main
    • West Berlin
    • Cologne
    • Bonn
  • Question of

    When did the Treaty of Union involve the kingdoms of Scotland, England, and Wales, to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain?

    • 1693
    • 1726
    • 1707
    • 1801
  • Question of

    At the beginning of the 18th century, the British government passed five acts to control the excessive consumption of what product among the lower classes?

    • Gin
    • Tobacco
    • Tea
    • Opium
  • Question of

    What army was the first to use camouflage in history (World War I)?

    • The Australians
    • The French
    • The British
    • The Germans
  • Question of

    According to collected data, in the early 19th century the most common name given to baby girls in the UK (about 23% of all names) was:

    • Elizabeth
    • Emma
    • Margaret
    • Mary
  • Question of

    Prior to World War II, Nazi Germany signed a Nonaggression Pact with what nation?

    • Great Britain
    • Soviet Union
    • Czechoslovakia
    • France
  • Question of

    Where was the metric system, the decimalized way of counting and weighing, invented in 1793?

    • France
    • Germany
    • Austria
    • Sweden
  • Question of

    Queen Elizabeth II is distantly related to what East Europe historical figure?

    • Countess Elizabeth Báthory (Hungary)
    • Prince Vlad the Impaler (Romania)
    • Tsar Ivan the Terrible (Russia)
    • Emperor Rudolf II (Holy Roman Empire)
  • Question of

    Founded in 1088, the oldest university in the world still in operation is:

    • Salamanca, Spain
    • Oxford, UK
    • Bologna, Italy
    • Heidelberg, Germany
  • Question of

    Industrial Revolution started in Britain in the 18th century with the development of:

    • The gin distillery
    • The steel mill
    • The flour mill
    • The cotton mill
  • Question of

    First invasion of the Vikings to Ireland took place in what year?

    • 693
    • 795
    • 914
    • 1013

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