Can you guess the names of these phobias?

Quiz. Can you guess the names of these phobias?
Quiz. Can you guess the names of these phobias?

Fear of what? Guess the names of these phobias and find out if you suffer from any. Question no. 3? We bet you won’t answer it.

Phobias Trivia Quiz. Can you guess the names of these phobias?

There are all kinds of phobias, which include from one as common as the fear of darkness and others as rare as the fear of rooms.

Can you ace this phobias trivia quiz? Guess the names of the following phobias and find out if you suffer from any of them.

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  • Question of

    Fear of darkness

    • Achluophobia
    • Barophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of ugliness

    • Cacophobia
    • Domatophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of rain

    • Ophidiophobia
    • Ombrophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of insects

    • Ephebiphobia
    • Entomophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of marriage

    • Gamophobia
    • Herpetophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of doctors

    • Iatrophobia
    • Koinoniphobia
  • Question of

    Fear of cooking

    • Noctiphobia
    • Mageirocophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of love

    • Philophobia
    • Pyrophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of beautiful women

    • Venustraphobia
    • Wiccaphobia
  • Question of

    Fear of the moon

    • Scolionophobia
    • Selenophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of flying

    • Pteromerhanophobia
    • Porphyrophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of hospitals

    • Noctiphobia
    • Nosocomephobia
  • Question of

    Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

    • Koinoniphobia
    • Lilapsophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of knees

    • Genuphobia
    • Equinophobia
  • Question of

    Fear of accidents

    • Dendrophobia
    • Dystychiphobia

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