Can you pass our hard geography quiz?

Trivia Test: Can you pass our hard geography quiz?
Trivia Test: Can you pass our hard geography quiz?

Can you pass our hard geography quiz? You won’t answer half of these questions correctly, but at least you’ll learn something new. Question no. 4? Not a chance.

Can you tell where is the largest active volcano of the World located? If you do, go on and claim your point. Are you ready for a challenge?

Trivia Quiz. Can you pass our hard geography quiz?

This geography test is loaded with questions from everywhere in the globe. Don’t hesitate, take this geography trivia quiz and share your score on our Facebook page.

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  • Question of

    The rivers Saône and Rhône meet in what French city?

    • Dijon
    • Lyon
    • Toulouse
    • Grenoble
  • Question of

    Which is the only continent that covers all four hemispheres?

    • Europe
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Oceania
  • Question of

    Ǻ is a town (in fact, there are a few in the same country) said to be the one with the shortest name in the world. Where is it?

    • Finland
    • Denmark
    • Sweden
    • Norway
  • Question of

    Which of these cities is NOT built on seven hills?

    • Rome, Italy
    • Edinburgh, Scotland
    • Leipzig, Germany
    • Prague, Czech Republic
    • Dunedin, New Zealand
  • Question of

    What is the capital city that is crossed by the Potomac River?

    • Ottawa, Canada
    • Washington D.C.
    • Wellington, New Zealand
    • Canberra, Australia
  • Question of

    The town of Lerwick is in what of these British islands?

    • Shetland
    • Orkney
    • Hebrides
    • Isle of Man
  • Question of

    What is the second largest city of Poland?

    • Wrocław
    • Gdańsk
    • Kraków
    • Warsaw
  • Question of

    The Danube River passes through different cities in Europe. Which one is NOT a country’s capital?

    • Belgrade
    • Vienna
    • Bratislava
    • Budapest
    • Regensburg
  • Question of

    Which is the capital city of Pakistan?

    • Kabul
    • Haiderabad
    • Islamabad
    • Amritsar
  • Question of

    Galicia is the northwestern region of which of these countries?

    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Portugal
    • Romania
  • Question of

    What is the capital of the Falkland Islands?

    • Kirkwall
    • Lewis
    • Stanley
    • Douglas
  • Question of

    The largest active volcano today is:

    • Stromboli (Italy)
    • Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
    • Pinatubo (Philippines)
    • Calbuco (Chile)
  • Question of

    With the number of 52,455, which of these countries has the most islands?

    • Canada
    • United Kingdom
    • Philippines
    • Greece
  • Question of

    In this group of lakes which has the largest surface (69,485 sq. kilometers)?

    • Tanganyika (Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, and Zambia)
    • Huron (the US and Canada)
    • Michigan (the US and Canada)
    • Victoria (Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya)
  • Question of

    The Yangtze River runs only in what country’s territory?

    • Vietnam
    • Laos
    • China
    • Thailand

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