Do you know the history of British Monarchs? 9 in 10 people can’t pass this quiz

QUIZ: Do you know the history of British Monarchs?
QUIZ: Do you know the history of British Monarchs? (Public Domain)

Do you know the history of British Monarchs well enough? The Royal Family of England and Scotland has been one of the most popular royalty in the world. The British Monarchy date back millennia and gave been center of attraction for a long time. With such a high fame people know a lot about the British monarchs. But can you answer these 15 questions on the British monarchs?

Do you know the history of British Monarchs? 9 in 10 people can’t pass this quiz

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  • Question of

    Who was the youngest king to ascend throne?

    • Henry IV
    • Edward III
    • Richard II
    • Henry VI
  • Question of

    Which Prince has been Heir apparent for the longest time?

    • Prince George, Prince of Wales
    • Prince Albert, Prince of York
    • Charles, Prince of Wales
    • Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh
  • Question of

    What was the name of Queen Victoria before she changed it while ascending the throne?

    • Alexandrina
    • Katherine
    • Phillipa
    • Georgette
  • Question of

    What palace is known as the seat of the British Monarch?

    • St. James’s Palace
    • Buckingham Palace
    • Kensington Palace
    • Clarence House
  • Question of

    What event is known as the grandest event of all the events in the calendar?

    • Changing the Guard
    • State Opening of Parliament
    • Remembrance Day
    • Trooping the Colour
  • Question of

    What is the Queen’s first residence in Scotland?

    • Balmoral Castle
    • Calton Hill
    • Palace of Holyroodhouse
    • Stirling Castle
  • Question of

    When did the House of Tudor come into power?

    • 1485
    • 1456
    • 1503
    • 1533
  • Question of

    Under which monarch was the Act of Union passed and the Kingdoms of England and Scotland United?

    • George I
    • James II
    • William III
    • Queen Anne
  • Question of

    Which English Monarch along with Alfred the Great has received the epithet “Great”?

    • Henry II
    • Henry VII
    • Cnut
    • Edward IV
  • Question of

    What was the famous pet brought by James I and VI when he ascended the throne?

    • Elephant
    • Lion
    • Tiger
    • Shark
  • Question of

    Who is the only British Monarch to be executed?

    • Edward II
    • Charles I
    • Charles II
    • Richard III
  • Question of

    Which Monarch’s reign is known as the golden age of Britain?

    • James I and VI
    • Victoria I
    • Elizabeth I
    • Henry VII
  • Question of

    Which King is the only king since 1066 to die on the battlefield?

    • Richard II
    • Edward III
    • Richard III
    • George IV
  • Question of

    The English Civil War resulted in how many estimated deaths?

    • 200,000
    • 500,000
    • 100,000
    • 850,000
  • Question of

    Edward I wanted that his body should be boiled after death, and his bones taken into battle against the Scots. True or False?

    • True
    • False

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