Do you know the history of British Monarchs? 9 in 10 people can’t pass this quiz

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    Who was the youngest king to ascend throne?

    • Henry IV
    • Edward III
    • Richard II
    • Henry VI
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    Which Prince has been Heir apparent for the longest time?

    • Prince George, Prince of Wales
    • Prince Albert, Prince of York
    • Charles, Prince of Wales
    • Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh
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    What was the name of Queen Victoria before she changed it while ascending the throne?

    • Alexandrina
    • Katherine
    • Phillipa
    • Georgette
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    What palace is known as the seat of the British Monarch?

    • St. James’s Palace
    • Buckingham Palace
    • Kensington Palace
    • Clarence House
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    What event is known as the grandest event of all the events in the calendar?

    • Changing the Guard
    • State Opening of Parliament
    • Remembrance Day
    • Trooping the Colour
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    What is the Queen’s first residence in Scotland?

    • Balmoral Castle
    • Calton Hill
    • Palace of Holyroodhouse
    • Stirling Castle
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    When did the House of Tudor come into power?

    • 1485
    • 1456
    • 1503
    • 1533
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    Under which monarch was the Act of Union passed and the Kingdoms of England and Scotland United?

    • George I
    • James II
    • William III
    • Queen Anne
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    Which English Monarch along with Alfred the Great has received the epithet “Great”?

    • Henry II
    • Henry VII
    • Cnut
    • Edward IV
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    What was the famous pet brought by James I and VI when he ascended the throne?

    • Elephant
    • Lion
    • Tiger
    • Shark
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    Who is the only British Monarch to be executed?

    • Edward II
    • Charles I
    • Charles II
    • Richard III
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    Which Monarch’s reign is known as the golden age of Britain?

    • James I and VI
    • Victoria I
    • Elizabeth I
    • Henry VII
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    Which King is the only king since 1066 to die on the battlefield?

    • Richard II
    • Edward III
    • Richard III
    • George IV
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    The English Civil War resulted in how many estimated deaths?

    • 200,000
    • 500,000
    • 100,000
    • 850,000
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    Edward I wanted that his body should be boiled after death, and his bones taken into battle against the Scots. True or False?

    • True
    • False

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