Good old days quiz. Average score? Extremely low

A quiz to remember the good old days

A quiz to remember the good old days when everything was easier. But beware! The average is extremely low. Can you beat it? What color is the cookie monster? If you know this answer, great – that point is yours. Average score? Only 8/15. We hope you can do better. 

Memories about our past like about the TV shows and cartoons of our childhood are the little things which help us to re energize our older beautiful memories. We have some characters from these shows in our mind and their name got stuck in our minds. In simple words, our childhood memories are irreplaceable and they are very dear to us.

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When we remember our old days we smile at our craziness and stupidity of our childhood. They help us learn from our mistakes and make us better. In my opinion, one’s childhood memories are the dearest to anyone.

Good old days quiz. Average score? Extremely low

They help in keeping the child in you alive. Moreover, it also is a reason for our smiles in between adult life. Most of us have a very good memory of remembering their childhood stories, especially famous characters in cartoons and TV serials.

If you’re the one with good memory and you claim that you can remember your older days when things were easy and beautiful, we have an interesting test task for checking your ability to remember.

You can have fun learning time with this quiz by answering the questions about some famous cartoon and film characters. You must give it a try at least once to check your memory. You’ll be relaxed by attempting this exciting quiz even if you get an average score with the first attempt.

If you got interested in the quiz, you can try again and again with unlimited free tries. You’ll see the correct answers at the end of the quiz and increase your knowledge by knowing the right answers. Just give it a try and remember good older days.

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  • Question of

    Kermit the frog is a character of:

    • Sesame Street.
    • The Muppets.
    • Barney.
  • Question of

    Do you remember his name? Select it

    • Spike the dog.
    • Rowlf the dog.
    • Magoo the dog.
  • Question of

    Which is the character from Sesame Street who always sees the positive side of things, cares about others and treats each one with kindness?

    • Baby Natasha.
    • Big Bird.
    • Irvine.
  • Question of

    A theme park called Sesame Park, based on the television series, opened in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    What’s the name of the mysterious but friendly vampire-like Muppet on Sesame Street?

    • Count Dracula.
    • Count Von Count.
    • Ernie.
  • Question of

    Grover is a blue hairy monster, who describes himself as:

    • lovable, cute and furry.
    • scary, mean and cruel.
  • Question of

    Bert is the roommate of:

    • Ernie
    • Elmo
    • Grover
  • Question of

    Kermit the frog often did appearances on Sesame Street and other television series.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Hairy and red monster who loves to play with his friends, go cycling and eat healthy.

    • Selmo.
    • Delmo.
    • Elmo.
  • Question of

    What color is Big Bird?

    • Yellow.
    • Blue.
    • Green.
  • Question of

    Great, and do you remember the color of the Cookie Monster?

    • Red.
    • Purple.
    • Blue.
  • Question of

    Select the name of one of the most famous songs of the Muppets.

    • Ya, ya, ya.
    • Life’s a Happy Song.
    • Hakuna matata.
  • Question of

    What is the name of one of the human characters of the Muppets film (2011)?

    • Edga
    • Robert
    • Gary
  • Question of

    In the 2011 Muppets movie, what is the reason Gary travels to Los Angeles?

    • To marry Mary.
    • To bet on casinos and pay a family debt.
    • To celebrate his 10 years of dating Mary.
  • Question of

    In the 2011 Muppets movie, what is the name of Gary’s brother?

    • Walter
    • Bob
    • Scott

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