Guess the movie from the description. Take this QUIZ

QUIZ: Guessing the movie from its description
QUIZ: Guessing the movie from its description

Guess the movie from the description. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Be careful, only 1 in 27 people make no mistakes.

We’ve all tried to guess movies from their descriptions. Sometimes the descriptions can be misleading and sometimes really easy. Movie descriptions make the movie sound even more interesting and exciting. Try to select the movies from their weird (I mean it!) description if you are a true movie lover.

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Life is full of guesses we daily have in our life routine and these guesses make our life a sort of big guessing game. For example, in our day, we guess or predict the weather, temperature, call heads or tails on a coin toss or guess someone’s right or wrong intentions.

All these types of guesses are a prediction without any sound knowledge about the object, But there is another type of guessing things as we play with our friends by telling them a phrase or story of a book or something like that and try to know whether they know or not.

This is a quite interesting activity and we love to play with our friends. If we talk about entertainment, we can sing a song and ask our friends to tell the singer’s name or year of the song release. Like this, if we love movies, we play with our friends with dialogues and famous phrases of a movie and ask them to tell the movie name.

Guess the movie from the description. Take our QUIZ

So, here we are with the same kind of interesting guessing quiz which you often play with your friends. In this quiz, we give you a short description of some famous movies where you can guess the movie name from the given multiple choices. We have some most watched famous movies and every one of us has watched most of these movies we guess.

You can have fun learning time while answering these interesting questions. You’ll find a new movie to watch if you find a description exciting and you didn’t watch that movie before.

This quiz is just for your entertainment purpose and you can attempt it more than once if you want to impress your friends after this quiz. Start your movie quiz by guessing it with one line description.

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    Guess the movie: A group of peasants along with a circus crew have to fight an army of a dictator and install their own queen again

    • Bug’s life
    • The great dictator
    • Antz
    • Lion King
  • Question of

    Guess the movie: Priest kidnaps child for cult and eventual marriage to politician twice his age

    • Star Wars
    • Diary of a country priest
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    Guess the movie: Man buys singing rabbit from China Town, rabbit gets wet and breeds lizards, lizards destroy town

    • Looney Tunes: Back in action
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    Guess the movie: Small town doctor brings three people together

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    • YesHuman Centipede
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    • Goodfellas
    • Scarface
    • The Godfather
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    • The fault in our stars
    • Kickass
    • Deadpool
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    • Avengers
    • Justice League
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    Guess the movie: A boy gets kidnapped from his home and gets send to a school for special children

    • Dead Poets Society
    • Harry Potter
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    • Madagascar
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    • Over the hedge
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    Guess the movie: Young start-up faces severe security issues as a result of a poor IT team

    • Jurrasic Park
    • The Matrix
    • Back to the Future
    • Avatar
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    Guess the movie: A guy goes on a journey to stop a serial killer and stops to make a baby once

    • Antibodies
    • Zodiac
    • Insomnia
    • Predestination
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    Guess the movie: Alzheimer’s patient takes cruise, throws away children’s inheritance

    • The notebook
    • Cruise
    • Titanic
    • Hotel Transylvania 3
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    Guess the movie: A bunch of small dudes help the hero to stop Mexican wrestler and save his girlfriend

    • Point break
    • Nacho Libre
    • Despicable me 2
    • Bandidas
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    Guess the movie: Cultural appropriation in space

    • Star Trek
    • Star Wars
    • Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Avatar

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