How much do you know really about the animal kingdom? Only 1 in 5 can pass this quiz

animal kingdom

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

Animal kingdom. The extinct Passenger Pigeon was endemic in which continent? If you can answer this and other questions you will succeed. Be warned: average score is 11/15.

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How much do you know about the animal kingdom? Only 1 in 5 can pass this quiz

  • The terms “wake”, “kettle” and “committee” are synonyms referring to a group of what bird?

    • Ducks
    • Vultures
    • Herons
    • Crows
  • “Eunectes murinus” is the scientific name of which of these creatures:

    • Anaconda
    • Killer whale
    • Salamander
    • Otter
  • What is the only mammal born with horns?

    • Deer
    • Cow
    • Giraffe
    • Elk
  • A marsupial called “wombat” is endemic of what country?

    • Bolivia
    • New Zealand
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Australia
  • What is the largest rodent found in North America?

    • Rat
    • Capybara
    • Beaver
    • Grizzled giant squirrel
  • What chemical element makes the blood of the lobster bluish?

    • Cobalt
    • Copper
    • Zinc
    • Phosphorus
  • The Passenger Pigeon, now extinct, was endemic in which continent?

    • North America
    • Europe
    • Oceania
    • South America
  • New Zealand’s one dollar coin features a flightless bird. Which one?

    • Dodo
    • Parakeet
    • Kakapo
    • Kiwi
  • The aardvark (“earth pig”) is a nocturnal mammal native of which continent?

    • South America
    • Africa
    • Oceania
    • Asia
  • Where is the rare, critically endangered species of Caquetá Titi monkey found?

    • Costa Rica
    • Borneo
    • Colombia
    • Papua New Guinea
  • About language skills… A “cygnet” is baby’s name of which bird?

    • Swan
    • Penguin
    • Petrel
    • Flamingo
    • Stork
  • Which is the most popular pedigreed cat in the world?

    • Main Coon cat
    • Siamese cat
    • American Curl cat
    • Persian cat
  • What animal’s stem cells are being used in research for the cure of human diseases, due to the similarity of its genetic material?

    • Pig
    • Monkey
    • Horse
    • Cow
  • Which is now the most trafficked animal in the world and also in the brink of extinction?

    • Elephant
    • Rhinoceros
    • Pangolin
    • Sea turtle
  • English language uniqueness, again…! “Murder” is the proper term to name the flock of what bird?

    • Chickadees
    • Hoatzins
    • Peregrine falcons
    • Crows

a d v e r t i s e m e n t

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