How well do you know your own body? Take this quiz

How well do you know your own body?
How well do you know your own body?

How well do you know your own body? What body part is the strongest? You don’t need to be a fitness freak to answer this, but it could help.

We prepared this human body quiz and to our surprise, many people failed in the ‘easy’ questions. Will you be one of them?

How well do you know your own body? Take this quiz

Question no. 8 proved to be rather tough. How familiar are you to your own body? The average score of this biology trivia is 11/15.

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  • Question of

    What eye colour in humans is more associated with a higher sensitivity to pain?

    • Green
    • Brown
    • Grey
    • Blue
    • All are the same
  • Question of

    Compared with toenails, fingernails grow:

    • Faster
    • Slower
    • At the same speed
  • Question of

    There are about 14 billion brain cells in the human body at birth. After 25 years, that number:

    • Increases.
    • Decreases.
    • Stays the same.
  • Question of

    How many colour hues can the human eye discriminate?

    • 1 million
    • 700 thousand
    • 10 million
    • 500 thousand
  • Question of

    It has been demonstrated that children grow faster in what season?

    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Fall
    • Winter
  • Question of

    How many different bones make up a human skull?

    • 23
    • 29
    • 32
    • 26
  • Question of

    80% of human body’s heat is lost through what part?

    • The torso
    • The arms
    • The head
    • The legs
  • Question of

    What’s the human body part that cannot heal itself?

    • The ears
    • The tongue
    • The teeth
    • The eyes
  • Question of

    The fear of being alone is called what?

    • Pogonophobia
    • Autophobia
    • Algophobia
    • Haphephobia
  • Question of

    How many chemical reactions do occur in the human brain each second?

    • 600,000
    • 66,000
    • 100,000
    • 30,000
  • Question of

    The strongest muscle in the human body is located where?

    • The jaws
    • The quadriceps
    • The hand
    • The tongue
    • The arm
  • Question of

    What does lack of sleep actually cause in your immune system?

    • Stimulates it.
    • Impairs it.
    • It has no impact.
  • Question of

    White blood cells account for what proportion of total blood cells in an adult’s body?

    • 15 percent
    • 5 percent
    • 1 percent
    • 10 percent
  • Question of

    Psychiatrists give the name of anginophobia to the fear of what?

    • Pain
    • Heights
    • Thunder and lightning
    • Choking
  • Question of

    In the US population, what proportion of patients that suffer from autoimmune diseases are women?

    • 78 percent
    • 48 percent
    • 22 percent
    • It’s the same proportion.

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